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Getting the Correct Fit in Furniture

There are so many options out there for furniture. New looks, Old looks, designer terms and trends, but what is most important is if the furniture fits you correctly! It can be difficult to find furniture that fits you, but we can help at Tri City Furniture. We will help you to get the correct fit in furniture for your home.

If the furniture doesn't fit....If it's not comfortable then it is worthless! Let's talk today about getting the correct fit today on DesignTime!

Finding the correct fit and comfort for you in furniture.

When purchasing something new, whether it is a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or a sofa, it is imperative to have the correct fit and many times correct comfort! Usually clothing is a bit easier because it is to fit just the person it is purchased for….but furniture often is for a whole household.

Furniture comes in lots of different sizes, like clothing, but it usually needs to fit different sizes of people that live in the house! If everyone is similar in height, this will be easy….but if some are short and some are tall, this is a much more difficult task!

True American Made furniture comes in different depths, so you could have one piece such as the loveseat in a shallower seat depth and a deeper seat for the sofa to accommodate longer legs. They will look the same but will definitely sit different! In the same room you would never know they were different unless you sat in them. Also, finding different sizes in chairs and/or recliners help to fit different leg lengths and back support. Remember, if a chair or seat is too deep, it also affects your back, not just your legs, because we slouch to touch the floor. Slouching is never good for our back.

Furniture is generally made deeper which is harder for people with shorter legs! All of us who are 5'2" or less know this to be true. Most everything is too deep for us, so our feet tend to dangle! Not only home furniture pieces, but restaurants, movie theaters, church pews, airplane seats…..there is a long list of seats that do not fit us! Most things are made for 5’8….so if your lower leg and upper legs fit this number, you usually can fit most everything….but if you are slightly taller, or you have a shorter leg length with more length in your torso, most things will not be comfortable!

We may be able to fix these issues in our home, but not around the rest of the world, unless you carry your own ottoman with you everywhere. If it is not in the budget right now to purchase new furniture, maybe try just an ottoman in your home to start. For me, putting my feet up on something instead of dangling is much more comfortable for my knees and back. For persons who have longer legs, an ottoman also helps them have more leg support! An ottoman can come in many styles, sizes and heights, so finding one that works with your furniture piece, is pretty easy! They are much more comfortable than having your feet on a coffee table as well!

Depth plays an important part in the comfort, and as we age, our backs may need different support than what we needed 5 or 10 years earlier! I try to have clients understand that fit is so important, and if you are purchasing a quality piece, there should be a consistent comfort for many years!

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