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Grading Systems for Fabric

Updated: Apr 30

Learn the inside information on furniture and fabric choices by talking with Kathy and Colette discuss fabric grading systems. This conversation with show Live on January 27th through Facebook Live. Join in on the conversation to ask your questions and learn more.

American Made companies give you choice on what fabric you want your furniture covered in. Different fabrics will help create different styles. Many of our companies offer at least 1000 choices. Fabrics of many materials are offered, such as polyester, cotton, linen, and rayon. Different fabrics design and makeup create the cost and the grading system showing the cost of the material from the mill. This is where we get a grading system for when you come in and purchase furniture. A grade 1 or A fabric is normally one of the lower costing fabrics. These fabrics are normally more solid or tweed. They do not have patterns on them. Within our companies a Grade 1/A fabric does not mean that it is a lower quality, but that it is less expensive coming from the mill.

You can see below that there are many choices within every grade. Companies try to find equal fabrics within all price ranges, but again we all know that the more expensive items have more to them. Same goes for new televisions, vehicles as well as fabrics.

Patterns will cost more, because of the cost and work of creating that cover, but also because some patterns will need to be centered on the furniture causing some waste. The craftsmen will match up the pattern when your furniture is made. Therefore, more material will be needed. Therefore the cost will be higher.

There is a difference between fabrics that are printed on vs woven. Printing is normally done on cotton and can be recognized by looking at the fabric's back to see if it is plain or if the design is woven through. Woven fabrics are more durable and do cost more.

There are many ways to keep a reasonable budget and still have a wow look! Our designs are real designers. They are not sale staff that act the part. Allow us to help you put a room together that you will love. Allow us to find you quality furniture that will last and that is beautiful. We want you to love your furniture and we are excited to direct you through the process with options understanding why your room will come together the way you dream when choosing one choice vs the other.

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