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Help! I Can't Get Out of My Chair!

Updated: Apr 30

We may laugh at the title of this post, but if you have ever had this moment in your life, you know it was no laughing matter! I just worked with a lady yesterday- Pat. She had a recliner on order, but realized as she waiting for her order to come in, that she should have ordered a lift chair. She said that it became real when her son noticed that her chair was pushed across the living room floor. Her son asked her why. She told him, "I can't get up! The only way I can is if I push the chair against the wall. Then the chair doesn't move and I can push off the wall." She said she knew she was ruining the carpet, but she didn't know what else to do. She felt old asking about lift chairs. She didn't want to admit that she needed one. That she didn't have the arm strength she needed to stand up. We talked and joked about how age happens overnight. One day you are strong and healthy and running 5Ks and then the next you are recovering from 2 knee and hip replacements and crying because you are stuck in your chair.

Let us help! There is no reason you should feel helpless or less than who you are! Furniture is a tool to help us enjoy life. There are many options to help you if you are feeling like Pat was. Maybe a lift chair is not what you need, but we will help you figure out the right option. Don't feel trapped. We want you to live life! We want you to be confident! We want your health to be the best it can be!

Learn more from Kathy on Design Time on what may help you or a loved one feel confident in life again. A chair is a small thing in life, but if it gives you freedom to answer the phone, use the bathroom, answer the door again and feel like yourself again it is a huge choice and blessing. Let's talk! We are here to help!

3 Quick Tips:

  1. Take Measurements of person who will be getting this new chair. Take the measurement from heel to knee, knee to back seated and tailbone to back of head/crown/ resting area. These measurements will help us at the store fit you or them into the perfect seat even if they are not there. Often it is tiering to try chair after chair. Let us help you narrow down what will work best.

  2. Does the person have trouble getting up because the chair is too low and they do not have the arm strength? Trying a high leg recliner may help here. A high leg recliner has 6" legs. It will not rock, because of the taller legs, but it brings your whole body higher so it is easier to get up and down. Another option would be a lift chair, because the chair would rise and bring them higher for easier push up.

  3. Does the person have bad knees or leg issues? If so, a lift chair may be the best option. Some lift chairs can lift the seat flat, vs at an angle. This way they will not feel as if they will slide off the seat. It just makes the whole chair higher for getting out of. Less stress on their knees.

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