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How Tall Should Your Furniture Be?

There are a lot of parts to a piece of furniture. Trying to find the perfect arm, the right style of leg, the firmness of the back cushions and especially the fabric, color as well as texture. All the different features are important, but when it comes down to making sure the piece is comfortable, the seat height is a very important factor! All of us are made different…our body size, length, and our leg length, plus our ability to use our arms and legs all vary!

If we are younger, you are probably in pretty good shape. We are able to run, and sit, and get on and off the floor easily….but if we are older or have any health issues, some of these physical things might be harder for us to do. Your abilities can directly determine how easy it is to sit or get up out of furniture!

Your health has a lot to do with picking out furniture. If you don’t have good strength in your legs, doing exercises may help you to get you stronger, but for a lot of us, we might not be able to do physical exercise! If we have a hard time getting out of bed or up out of a chair, we need to consider the height of the piece! The lower you sit, the harder it will be to stand! People around us pulling on our arm to assist us getting up is also not good for our arm, and not good for their arm or body either!

Pick a chair or recliner that your upper legs does not bend down when sitting. Keeping the upper leg as straight as possible is best. Also, a firmer cushion will help to keep you more on the piece of furniture….and not down in it!

Lift chairs and recliners work well also, but a lot of people do not want to buy that product- because they are thought of as "old"! Today, there are so many great choices for these chairs, that no one would even know they have a lift mec in them! If it helps you to stand, it is definitely a great option! You want to be able to get out of a chair easily, and the seat height is the one thing that will allow you to do it. Also, it helps you not to drop into the furniture when you sit. Often people are scared to sit down, because they are afraid, because they cannot feel the chair behind them and what if they miss the seat. We all know the floor hurts!

In American made furniture, yes, as they are aware of problems that people encounter. They offer many variable options such as taller legs, and firmer cushions. Certain styles such as European and Mid Century Modern tend to be lower frames due to the styling! So be cautious! I always want someone to be comfortable, and be able to sit and stand easily! If it is difficult to get out of a sofa or chair, generally they will stay away from it because of the struggle! Get the right piece for you! You will be happier, and probably more comfortable!

The piece of furniture might be too tall, and our feet dangle. That can cause your legs to fall asleep, and then make it hard to stand up! There are many pieces that have shorter seat heights, as well as a shorter seat depth. If you are short, there are two factors to watch so that you fit!

Always have someone help you fit the chair before you buy, whether you are short or tall! Don’t make a mistake!

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