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How to Decorate a Table for Fall

There are so many ways to decorate a table for your fall celebration. Maybe you want your look to be more classic with layers of dishes and silverware. Maybe you want it to be more kid friendly with spooky creatures and pilgrim hats. Whatever the choice is, there are a few simple steps to making it look great.

  • Stay focused. Pick a theme and go with that theme. If you are doing kid- friendly forget the candles. If you are doing turkeys, don't use leftover Halloween Jack-o-lanterns or candies. Let the beauty of leaves me the leaves...don't try to put everything from the season all on your table together.

  • Think about your family and what you need on the table. Do you really need 17 pieces of silverware? Do you want to wash it all? Yes, it looks incredible, but do you need it? Do you need space for the cake or the mash potatoes on the table? We did at our house. Or are you serving food buffet style off the counter? Do you need butter, salt and pepper shakers on the table? The reason you need to think of all of this is, because sometimes our fall decor takes over the table. The harvest was plentiful right? If we put a 1000 pumpkins and guards on the table there is no room for the function/food of the table.

  • Think about the vertical visual of your table. You may love Grandma's candlesticks in the center of the table, but maybe they are too tall. Maybe Grandma will not be able to see her youngest grandson give the blessing and constantly struggle to look around the centerpiece. Holidays are times to be together. Don't separate the family through decor. Use those candle sticks somewhere else that will not block your loved ones' views.

  • The actual set up of the decor- remember clusters look great and our eyes like odd number groupings. Start with a larger item - make it slightly off centered and then add some smaller items ( a grouping) around it.

You can add some softer items such as garland, lace, or leaves to soften the edges. If you like a more symmetrical look and have pairs of items, just create a mirrored image on your design on both sides. Remember, you eye is drawn in with steps of height or layers. Start lower on the outside and work your way up. Remember, you don't need to fill up every bit of space. Allow your table cloth to show. Allow your dishes to have some spotlight space. My example here shows the clustering, but it does not allow for function of food or passing the hot plates. Remember you need balance.

Also remember to make sure your items are clean. Did you wash the pumpkins? Will bugs crawl out of the pinecones once they warmup within the home? Things to think about before the guests come.

  • Last thing to remember is to be safe. Candles look amazing on a table, but if you are incorporating dry materials such as leaves, straw, wheat or paper turkeys and ghosts, please, please use fake candle lighting.

Do not use real flames. Your celebration does not need to end with someone hurt, crying or in the hospital. There are many beautiful looks that you can do. Use these photos above to give you some creative ideas. Think about your family and what they would enjoy seeing. As much as I would love a classic thanksgiving table, I know the kids at my table would really enjoy turkey hats. Can you see the smiles. Can you see them making the craft before dinner is started? Maybe those are the memories that you want. Maybe you are excited that you finally can use the real China dishes and the gold goblets! Fantastic! Make it fit your home. If you need help, we are here. Call us and we will come over and help you set it up for your loved ones.

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