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Lift Chairs

Updated: Apr 30

Do you know someone who may need a lift chair? Do you, yourself have a hard time getting up? There are many differences in lift chairs. Yes, you can have more or less buttons, but also you can have a lift seat which is quite different than a lift chair. Learn more from Kathy Kilbourn from Tri City Furniture on Design Time. Remember to watch every Thursday morning at 9am to get the most useful information.

Here are a few quick facts to ask about and know when shopping

  • Lift Chairs are also recliners. Many people do not know that.

  • Lift chairs can have independent controls that adjust and control the feet alone, as well as the back alone. This gives you exact comfort to the issues that you need.

  • Many have adjustable headrest as well to give your neck comfort as you sit or sleep.

  • Many have programable buttons to set for your liking. So if you have a favorite sit position with the neck just so and the legs so high, it is easy to get back to that position again.

  • Higher leg lift position in Zero Gravity position allow for best circulation in legs. Allows for lower back pain causes to be released as well.

  • Lift direction can be adjusted on most styles so the chair can lean forward as it lifts or instead lift directly up (not leaning) creating a nonslip environment depending on leg strength, leg height or fabric/ leather chosen on lift chair. Some fabrics or leathers could be more slick than others, and changing the lift position to a lift seat vs tilt would help the individual stay in their seat vs slipping out as the chair raises.

Here is a demonstration video of some questions most frequently asked when first looking for a lift recliner:

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