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Mattress Size- Part 2

Last week, we talked about the size of a mattress. we wondered if larger was really better. Does it give more restful sleep?

So, do you wake up rested and ready for the day, or do you feel like you need a nap?  Many times how much space you sleep in determines if you sleep well and your body is rejuvenated for the day ahead.  The correct size mattress can be the one thing that gives you the best rest!

Let’s talk about how large a bedroom needs to be to fit different sized mattresses. How do you determine if a room is big enough?

It is good to have 24-30” on each side to allow for you to get into and exit the space. If using a full size mattress, the wall needs to be a minimum of 9 ft. And about 9 ft in length if you have a narrow headboard.  But if you go to a queen size, you are adding just 6” in each direction……so a 10 ft by 10 ft space will work fine!  A king size will fit in a 11ft width by 10 ft long!  A larger space is needed, but the amount of sleeping space that is gained is amazing!What if you have dressers in the room?A wall length  of 11 ftIs perfect for a  a king mattress., but  if you have a dresser or chest on one of the sides of the bed, an additional 4 ft should be added, for the cabinet as well as space to open drawers. The  minimum size walls should be  at least 9 feet….also, you might need to add on for  doors to the room and closets.  So, overall, for a queen mattress, a 12 x 13’6” room is minimum, and 12 x 15 is needed for a king!

How do you know what size will be the best width for your body?

To know if you are choosing the correct size, you should lay on you back, with your arms along  your sides, and there should be room between each other.   If you are touching, you will not be as comfortable due to more motion between bodies.  Also, your arm should not be falling off the edge of the mattress!

When looking for a new bed, is there anything else that should be considered, like the height of the mattress?

Yes, mattresses come in lots of thicknesses.  A firmer mattress typically will be thinner, because of less padding, but a pillow top style will be thicker, due to the pillow layer added to the mattress!  There are several ways to adjust the height of the mattress, like using a low profile box spring which is 3” narrower.  Also, there are bedframes that sit lower to the floor.  If using an adjustable base, many of them come with variable legs  which allow to to move the bed from 3” to 9” high!  Getting the correct height of the mattress will make it easier for you to navigate in and out of bed!

What about having enough space for pets?

You always want to Keep in mind, future changes such as family size,  pets and possibly moving.  Making sure these changes might determine the best size for now as well as in the future.  Mattresses are designed to last for many years, so getting the right piece is important.

There is so much to think about when getting a new bed, and besides the comfort, which we will talk about another time, finding the correct size is very important. 

Thank you Kathy for giving us information on bed sizes and how to choose the correct one!  Thank you for watching DesignTime!

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