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Mid-Century Modern

What is this look today? Well, let's get a little history lesson on Mid-Century Furniture first and when it gained its popularity.

Mid-century modern known as MCM, comes from the mid-20th century….many people consider it to have covered from the 1930’s through the 1960’s, because of its elegant simplicity, it still remains popular in contemporary design.

MCM is simply clean lines, gentle curves, and organic shapes. Varied textures and bolder colors were very prevalent in MCM.

Is a short back, straight-line sofa considered MCM? Maybe,if it has simple lines with a straighter back, straighter arms that are thin which gives more seating- then yes, it has many elements of MCM. At that time in history, homes were smaller and these styles offered seating while not wasting space. Lots of covering such as textures were used. Leather also was popular as it added sleekness to the frame! Brown was very organic and brought elements of nature into the home.

Many manufacturers offer MCM styling today. Remember to look at the legs. That also sets the tone for MCM. Furniture back then sat lower to the floor, these newer styles do as well, so beware that they could be harder to get out of! You can find some original pieces as well, but with 60+ years since they were made, a lot of the fabrics are not in great shape. If you know what your grandparents had in their living rooms back in the 1950’s, you will understand the style!

If you have more questions about Mid Century modern, or any other design questions, give Kathy and her team a call! Thank you for watching DesignTime!


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