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New Carpet for Your Home

There have been many improvements in carpeting, but I would say the biggest is the stain protection. Carpets are so much easier to maintain today, because of the stain protections that are in the carpet yarns. These protections seal the yarn fiber so that stains do not attach to the yarn itself, somewhat like coating the yarn in plastic. This way, the stains; from food, beverages, and pets are all more easily removed when cleaned.

Most people ask, "Isn't carpet harder to clean?"

I think vacuuming carpet it easier than washing a hard surface floor any day. There are many vacuums now which work well. Many of them are even SMART- and go on their one. You don't even have to be home for the cleaning to take place. I would tell you though, that you really need to check to make sure that your vacuum. Is approved by carpet manufactures. Some cleaners have so much power that they are literally ripping the yarns apart. This will give the carpet a fuzzy, very worn look to the yarn.

The best way is to check your warranty information or ask the store where you purchased the carpet from. They should be able to tell you the type of vacuum to use. Also, there is a website called CRI which tests vacuums. They have a list of approved models.

One feature that is important is a height adjustment, so that if you have a more plush/ thick carpet, you can raise the suction area which moves that vacuum cleaner across the yarn more easily. Many manufactures say they want the vacuum to just tickle the top of the fibers to release the dirt out. Not brush or pull the yards.

Usually there are requirement on how often to clean the carpet, again, make sure you ask, so you are not told on the other side if you have a problem! I know my manufacturers require it to be water cleaner every two years. Water cleaned means, hot water extraction only. This removes the soil of life and items such as cooking grease the clings to the yarns. Without the soil, the yarn stays soft and fresh. Regular vacuuming weekly helps to keep in new as well! If your carpet does look matted down, get it cleaned. Often it is the greases from the kitchen that float through the air, even into the bedrooms and then dirt and grim sticks to it. Yuck! If you don't believe us, just go feel on top of your refrigerator. I bet it is pretty yucky up there, unless you clean it regularly.

Think of it much like changing the oil in your car! There are tasks that just need to be done to maintain the health of your carpet. My mom always said, "The dirt won't jump off on its own!"

Keeping the dirt and soil off the yarns keeps the yarns from breaking down. Keeping any flooring clean is very important! Maintenance is quite simplified. Carpet will give you many years of softness, warmth and quieter spaces….if you just maintain it properly.

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