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New Color Trends in Interior Design

We attend the International Furniture Market twice a year to stay current on world wide trends, looks and new product. We love seeing the new patterns, colors and layout of interior design.

New bold colors!

Probably the biggest movement in the furniture industry is seeing the warmer tones come back around again. For a while now gray (or grey) has been the only palette. Much of this trend formed form Designers in California and HGTV. We understand that grey was fitting there, due to the weather being so warm. Grey colors defiantly cools you off for sure. Here in Michigan, we have a lot of grey days. We have a lot of grey skies, a lot of grey snowy days. Too much grey!

I think over the last couple years, with having to stay in our homes more as well, we found that the cooler tones have no energy. Grey drains us. Well we were home alone, we wanted things to feel warmer, inviting, and safe.

Color helps do all those things- it creates a warmer more inviting and safe place. We see that the brown palette is becoming very strong again, and with the warmer color tones such as gold, greens and brick, we are seeing these combinations trending instead of gray.

Gray is not completely gone. Actually they are being blending with the brown… sometimes a fabric can look gray, but if you put a true gray with it, it will turn brown. They are blending these 2 tones so it allows for you to still do a greyed tone with warmth. That phrase seems so odd to state, because traditionally grey could not be warm! Two different worlds combined!

3. Are neutrals still as strong as they were?

Neutrals are still strong. At market there were still neutrals, but we saw tons of color!

Sofas and sectionals were in blues, teals ,greens and reds, lighter tones, dark tones……there was color everywhere. Also with many bolder prints that offer many color blends. Market was actually exciting again. There were years were everything was so bla and boring!

There is still some gray wood tones, but we saw lots of the blends of browns and grays there as well! Browns showed up in just about everything!

The warm tones in metals has returned as well. Brushed brass is back very strong compared to the brushed nickel, We see in on tables, hardware, furniture accents, light fixtures, picture frames, and more. Gold tones are showing up very strong!

Many people are tired of the blah boring tones. Color adds excitement! The International Furniture Market now sees that and recognizes that the world wants more than grey.

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