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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Finding the Perfect Chair Fit

Finding the right size chair is very important if you want to sit comfortably!

Did you miss this segment of TV5’s Design Time?

Watch it before you head out. We want to give you the best tips in finding what you are looking for. Kathy and her staff attend the International furniture market twice a year to stay update on current styles, quality standards and what products are available.

Chairs come in lots of different sizes. Just like shoes, you have to find the correct length, width and height of heel that feels comfortable to the person wearing it! Just because a shoe fits one person, it doesn’t mean if will fit every one else. In a chair, you need to check the height of the seat off the floor, the depth of the seat and the height of the back! People’s legs come in all sorts of combinations. Short legs may be short below the knee with a longer thigh, and then a shorter upper body! I am short, but petite sizes do not always fit because I just have short legs and am long waisted!

Men usually have longer legs but they can have the same variables as women….so finding that perfect chair is not an easy feat! My staff has been trained to know what chairs have deeper seats or sit closed to the floor so that we can fit someone to the correct chair. If the variable are not correct, your feet may dangle or your back will not have the right support. If a chair is to tall, the pillow may hit you incorrectly and push your head forward which is not comfortable at all!

We also have higher quality chairs that have been built for heavier body weight or firmer foams and springs so that it is great support and easy to get up out of it! Comfort Design recliners offer firm 2.5 density foam cores as compared to many other recliner foams at 1.8 density. This softer cushion will allow you to sink into the chair more.

So, the solution is to find the correct fit for yourself. If you expect several people in your family to fit it, hopefully they are about the same height. My experience is that everyone is different and really need their own chair that correctly fits. Just like you wouldn’t buy one pair of shoes and expect everyone in the family to fit them!

So finding a chair for Mom this Mother’s Day is not as hard as you might think! We have several companies that are 100% American made, and especially built for shorter legs. Best Home Furnishings offer many smaller scale frames made just for shorter legs. After we find the perfect fit, we can choose the fabric, texture, feel and color to match her room. Come check out some of the most comfortable chairs available…..and you will want to take a nap! Don’t think you need to settle for something that doesn’t fit well….we have the perfect chair for a perfect fit!

See you soon!



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