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What makes a room look like it has been designed by a professional?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

There are many facets to understanding design. Designers know how to make the pieces, the colors and details all come together. The hard part is, do you like it and want to live in that space! Having an amazing room comes down to placing the correct sized pieces for the room, colors, balance and style- and also having it COMFORTABLE. All of these done correctly will give you a beautiful room that you will enjoy!

A beautiful room that isn’t comfortable is useless! Furniture can be made a million different ways….but it all comes back to comfort! We will love a room if the comfort of the pieces is right. This is so important, and lots of times overlooked!

So how do we start to put this room together?

You should always have a floorplan, much like a road map, which helps you see the space complete. We look at pathways, focal points such as the fireplace, tv or windows. Once the plan has been determined, then we look at the pieces. Usually, starting with the largest and going to the smallest. This way, your room style becomes evident and as each piece is selected, it is easier because of the piece that was chosen before it!

Then we start to bring the colors in. When putting a room together, you select the fabric first, then the flooring and lastly the paint. They way, your decisions are much easier, because you know what you are matching!

When the main pieces have been determined, now it is on to the details. A designed room is all about the details. Pillows, artwork, table accents, area rug….colors that work together make a room PUT together! That is the secret…..if is all in the details!

For some people this is difficult because there are many variables and many styles as well as trends!

For others, they have just the eye to see how to put it together!

One of the issues I find, is people like certain pieces, that might not work with a style that they are creating. They still want to put this certain piece in….but that is what throws off a room from being a nice room to looking like it wasn’t done professionally! Best thing to do is ask for help! And I would tell you to seek out a professional. If you ask a friend, they might be able to do a certain style, but it might not be your vision, so be careful!

Keep in mind, if you want the whole put together room, make sure to work from a plan, especially if you are not doing every piece at the same time. A professional will help you pick pieces that won’t put you in a corner! The goal is a beautiful room, whether it take a year or two, we want to look at the end result!

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