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Professional Room Design

Updated: Apr 30

"What makes a Room look like it has been done by a Professional" you may ask? We have talked about so many different parts of design, and furniture, where it is made, and especially construction. We are learning a lot about furniture but now it comes to putting it together and That can be very difficult! What are the things that make a room look like it has been done by a professional?

There are several things that professionals look at when designing a room, not only for the looks but also comfort and durability!

  1. First they look at the amount of space and consider the parts of the room that are not going away…..that might be the fireplace, windows, tv, piano, etc…as well as entrances and exits. All of these will determine the room set up!

  2. Next we would consider who uses it, including pets! Peoples’ height is key to getting pieces that fit!

  3. Then, the furniture pieces so that we know it will fit, giving good vision for tv, as well as making sure easy entrance, play space and exits are not too tight!

These 3 steps seem easy and you have considered them, but many people come in and tell me everyday about purchase items that have made at other stores and that they just can not make the room work.

There is absolutely more to making a room complete, but if these first 3 steps are ignored, the rest will be more difficult!

Most people do this....

They figure out the pieces, and then they stop! A baker understands that at this point, we have built the cake….the main ingredients are there and working, but it is the FROSTING that is the ‘WOW!’ It comes down to the tables, lamps, wall art, throw pillows and accessories which complete the room, and designer will not complete the room till these are done!

I am told daily that the room as recessed lighting and they do not need tables, or lamps within the space.

I have been in homes that have been lived in for years and there are no arts on the wall.

Add some life to your space. Add some color. Add you!

A few good rug and a few accessory pieces are great hung on the wall, but if you leave out the tables and lamps where will I put my drink when I come over? I may ask you, "When is the rest of your furniture coming in?" Because the room does not look complete!

You may say that your style is simple or modern and you do not need a lot, but there are simple and modern tables, lamps and decor that will work for you. Trust me, there are thousand of styles. So many that they have run out of terms to call them, so designers mash trends and looks together and make "New Combo" styles. There is a look for you to complete your space. There are always ok lamps to us and then there are amazing lamps to use. Let us help you complete the look! We all can not be professionals at everything we do. Let us help you find your professional design look for your home or commercial space

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