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Rocker Recliner vs a Wallhugger

Updated: Apr 30

Let’s face it, we all like to come home, and put our feet up after supper or working all day! Let me sit in my chair, which ,any of us have a recliner....but they do take up space, and sometimes more space than our room allows!

A rocker recliner sits on a base which had 4 legs, and also has rocker springs which allow the chair to have that movement. When you open the recliner, the mechanism is activated, and allows for the footrest to come up and then the back to lean. The chair stays in the same place (on the 4 legs), and the back goes back.

So how is a space saver different from the rocker?

A wall-hugger, or some call it a space saver, actually sits on a mechanism which glides forward, much like how your kitchen cabinet drawer opens and allows the seat to move forward away from the wall. So, the 2 motions can not be placed in the same chair!

How much space is required behind a rocker as compared to a space saver?

Many times a rocker recliner can go 10”-15”, depending on how large the recliner is! Just the rocking motion can take up to 6” of space behind the chair, where as the space saver only needs approximately 3”. They would not combine these two because of the space needed behind! If a rocker was placed only 3” from the wall, you would bang into the wall when you rocked!

Are there other mechanisms available in recliners today?

Yes, rocker recliners are also available with a swivel base, which might work well in a space that you want to talk in one direction, and then watch TV in another direction. There are also gliding mechanisms available in many chairs today. Those will usually come with a swivel base as well. Power options are readily available in most chairs also, but we will cover those another day!

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