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Which Sectional? A square corner, or one with a curved wedge?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Which is better? A sectional with a square corner, or one with a curved wedge?

First of all, square corners are made smaller, because the pieces on the left and right meet right at the corner. It is somewhat like having a sofa and loveseat, where the 2 arms come together, and there is an end table in the corner….but in a sectional it is another seat!

The wedge is about 12” wider in both directions because there is an angled piece on the front that takes tied left and right pieces apart. The wedge allows for leg space for the person who might want to sit there!

It does allow you to just sit down and have back support, like you are doing in a sofa or chair. The square corner you need to crawl more into it. The benefit here is this is just like a chaise, where you can sit in that corner, with your legs straight out in either direction. Many people like the idea of a chaise, and this gives you it, without adding another piece!

Some people do not like that you have to crawl into that space. Also, without the front leg room, it is not a sitting seat like the others! I might mention though, kids or the family pet love to sit in that spot so it wouldn’t be wasted!

One would be the size, since it is larger, but another could be that depending on where your tv is, this seat causes you to set on the angle. If your tv is in that position, it will be perfect! If not then you may not like that seat as much. Another problem could be due to its size, it might be difficult to get into your space, or down into a family room or basement. Please always keep size in mind!

There could be a difference in the price. The wedge is large, and always a separate piece whereas a corner can be attached to one of the sides, and it eliminates an extra piece. Remember, the more pieces there are, the higher the cost due to engineering, extra fabric, foam and labor to completely finish each side! Please let us know if you are interested in more information and we could set up a home consultation to help you with your space.

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