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Sitting with Your Feet Up

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

How do you sit? What feels best for your body? Is stress released when your legs are up? Let's talk more about options to look at to keep your feet up that are not your normal recliner.

Kathy from Tri City Furniture will share with us more ideas that will fit your space on Design Time.

The chairs you see in the image above all can get your feet up off the ground to allow better comfort and relaxation. The first one seen is a chair and ottoman. This chair can function in many different ways, It can swivel, glide or lean back, often called an Ease Back Chair. Many times individuals with longer legs love an ease back chair, because they can not find a traditional recliner with enough leg length that they need to flip out and support their calf and ankle. An ease back chair will separate at the seat and back and allow for the layback position and then you use the ottoman at whatever length is comfortable.

The other 2 chairs in the image are called Kickouts. The footrest comes out for both, but the back stay exactly in the same spot. If you like to sit with your feet up and your back straight, this is the chair for you. They are made in smaller seat depths and deeper for different size people. All American made, so you pick they style, fabric and look. This is a great option if you have a small room or walkway and want your feet up, but the chair must not take up a lot of space. These chairs can have a skirt or leg, so they can look exactly like a chair, until you release the footrest to relax. SHHH! Maybe no one needs to know that it is a recliner! You just take a break when the company leaves!

For more ideas or unique pieces for your home and lifestyle, come talk to us. We will try to help you find what you are looking for!

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