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Sleeping in a Bed better than a Chair?

Kathy, usually a bed is considered the correct place to sleep comfortably for 8-9 hours each night.  Is this still true?

Yes, for most people, a bed does offer the most comfort for our bodies which allows us to get into the deep restorative rest our bodies need!  Generally, a recliner is much smaller and it is difficult to get into the deepest REM cycle of sleep, which leads to very low quality of sleep! Many people say they do not sleep well in a twin bed and even a full size due to the lack of space!

You spoke about the benefits of having your body in a raised position as being healthier.

Yes, and I will say, that raising your head and feet have immense benefits for your body!  That is why almost all beds made today work with an adjustable base.  You are able to lift your head independently from your legs.  So, it goes from flat, to sitting, to having your legs raised above your heart!  These beds offer much more movement to give you perfect comfort!

Kathy, last week you  said that recliners offer great back support.  It is the same type of support as a mattress offers?

Yes, if you have the correct mattress!  Many people think that they need a FIRM mattress, but yet if you look at their chair, they enjoy some plushness so that they don’t get pressure points when they are sitting.  The same is true for a mattress.  You need cushioning that doesn’t create pressure points and then the springs below offer the support.  These 2 factors are what give the comfort to our body and allows us to sleep 8-9 hours without tossing and turning.  I agree that laying flat is not near as good as having our head and our feet lifted a bit!

Kathy, isn’t having an adjustable bed really expensive?

Years ago, it was more expensive but today, it is just a couple hundred dollars more than purchasing a box spring!  I would say in many cases, an adjustable bed, queen size, can cost less than a power reclining chair!

Most people would think that bed would be a lot more money!

I would agree.  The adjustability gives you all the benefits of easier breather, less snoring, better circulation with your legs raised and true back support because a mattress is made with heavier duty steel springs and quality foams, and comes with a 10 year warranty because of the quality that is put inside!  Foam compression and weakened springs in a recliner will not last like a mattress because it is not made to be a bed!

So, after looking at both the pros and cons  of sleeping in a recliner compared to a bed, which wins?

Considering everything, a bed still offers the best rest for our bodies and let’s get the restorative rest we need to be out best daily.  Chairs can offer some short term benefits, but a bed is still better!

Thank you Kathy for showing us the different benefits of these two products.  Some people may need to reconsider where they are sleeping and what they are sleeping on!

And thank you for watching DesignTime!

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