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Sleeping in the Chair- Part1

Updated: Apr 30

So many people have reclining style chairs and reclining sofas today.  Years ago people sat in their LivingRoom to watch the news and an evening show, then they headed to bed, but today, many of the chairs are being used many more hours in a day!

What has changed in our lifestyle that has increased the use of our recliners?

There are several reasons, but one of the biggest differences is that the baby boomers have retired and are home a lot more!  We tend to relax in the recliners, cat nap in the afternoon, into the evening, eat dinner in the chair and maybe even  sleep all night!

There are a lot of hours spent in the chair! Can sleeping in the recliner be good for the body?

Actually the bends that occur with the movement of the chair can allow for healthier sleep.  Having the head raised helps with acid reflux and can improve  digestion as compared to laying flat.

That makes sense! How about people with sleep apnea?  Will it help them?

Sleeping with your head raised up helps to control the issues created by sleep apneas, such as snoring and acid reflux. So, yes, it definitely can be beneficial!

How well does a recliner support your back?

There have been studies that show sleeping in a recliner can have a positive impact on back issues. It can increase the quality of your sleep.  It is important that the recliner itself has quality support from springs and foam.  There are many chairs which break down and then can be detrimental to your back.

 Many people say they just feel better with their feet up in a reclining position!

Yes, if they have been on their feet all day, standing  can put a lot of stress on our body, especially our backs.  When we sit, put our feet up, especially higher than our heart, our legs are able to relax and recover because of improved circulation.  It also allows our nerves to calm down and we can breathe better!

 You have covered several reasons why a recliner can be beneficial,  but are there any negative factors as to why a recliner would be bad for us to sleep in it?

Yes there are a couple things that could occur…..

  • Stiffness of joints.  Since a recliner is narrower than a bed, it doesn’t allow for you to move as much so 6-8 hours in the same position could cause joint pain and may impact your posture over time

  • Risk of falling. If you stay in the same position for several hours, it can cause your legs to stiffen and you may loss your balance when you go to stand

  • Finding a recliner which fits perfectly.  There are lots of recliners made, but they come in so many different sizes and qualities, that it is important to find one that does support your body correctly!  And that it keeps the support!  Most reclining chairs are made to be chairs….to be used 4-5 hours a day!  They are generally not made to be a bed, so it is important to have high quality foams and springs if you plan to use it as a bed!

These are many important considerations when thinking about purchasing a reclining chair, and if it would be used as a bed as well!  Next week we’ll will talk about the reverse….why a bed is better than a recliner!

Thank you Kathy for helping us understand this aspect of a recliner!  Thank you for watching DesignTime!

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