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Small Sectionals

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Do you want a sectional? Wish you could fit one in your room, but unsure on how it would fit? Well, Guess what! We have small sectionals, medium sectionals and large sectionals. Sectionals in all shapes and sizes. Want to learn more? Watch next week's addition of Design Time on TV5 with Kathy Kilbourn of Tri City Furniture.

We usually think of sectionals as being quite large, but can there be smaller options as well?

Yes, many American manufacturers offer lots of different configurations to fit different wall sizes. Some sectionals can be small, which take up less space than a chair and loveseat, while other can fill a large room!

Are sectionals made today as a bunch of individual pieces?

They can be broken up piece by piece, but most people have several seats together as one piece. These then have a neater look from the back incase the sectional floats in a room! All pieces do hook together, especially since many large rooms have hard surface floors which could allow more movement! Sometimes having the smaller pieces allow you to get a sectional to a different level in the home, just as a loft, basement or RV.

Are there other reasons to purchase it as less pieces?

Yes, less pieces mean lower costs. Sectionals are engineered more exact so that they fit together perfectly. A sofa is easier to make because it is one piece so back heights easily matched … but with a sectional, being different pieces, there is more perfection required! Please remember that upholstered furniture is handmade by someone or teams of someones. Some fabrics and leathers pull a different way than others. They are not molded plastics. The last sectional may look slightly different than the first.

Sectionals that are really small…Can I get that in any make and model? Do all sectionals come like this? I usually think of a sectionals as big!

his sectional is just 2 pieces, and yes, it is small, especially with the narrow arms which make is perfect for smaller spaces, such as a bedroom which you have turned into a den! Some also have a shallow seat vs a deeper lounge seat, so the scale of the furniture is completely different and built for a smaller person. I just did a room for a client who has a window almost center of the space.

She hated it, because she thought she had to have her sofa center of that window. If she did that, then the recliner would be in the doorway. Placing a sectional under the window that wrapped to the wall corner, offset the room enough that it didn't feel like everything had to be symmetrical under the window. The recliner now fits. They actually have more seating than they did with a sofa and the room layout just feels better overall.

I wasn’t aware that there are so many options for sectionals! And if you have more questions, contact Kathy or her team at Tri City Furniture and they will help you find the perfect sized piece for your space! Thanks for watching Design Time on TV5!

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