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Small Spaces

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Do you have a small space that you are working with? How should it be set up? How do you get enough seating in it? Do you line up all the furniture along the wall? Are there options for setting it up? What about Christmas? Where do we put the tree?

This room shown is only 10x12, but you can see it can fit a small sectional, accent chair, 3 side tables, lamps and a fireplace. It allows for nice seating for the fireplace, tv and conversation. It has easy walk thru area as well. We still have room to add a coffee table or ottoman so everyone could kick up and have leg room if they desire. You could also use the corner of the sectional as a chaise lounge and relax there. See Below for Ottoman added.

There is always a good, better and best way to set up a room. What makes it the best is if the scale of the room and the function of the space works for the individuals living in it. Learn more on how to design a room layout for your home with Kathy from Tri City Furniture. She will be talking about this topic soon on Design Time. Watch TV5 each Thursday morning at 9am to become your own Design Expert.

The best way to see what will fit in your space is allow us to come to your home and measure the space, doorways and items you plan or want to keep. Every room brings it's own challenges. You may be looking at updating your living room or your bedroom. Both rooms can be a challenge with doors and walkways. You can sketch out your room and bring it in and we will start creating your special layout with you.

First Design tip to remember is...Put larger pieces on larger walls. This will at least get your started and then laying out the rest is sorta like a puzzle.

There is always better choice furniture for smaller rooms. There are wallhuggers vs rockers...or smaller scale sofa/ sectionals vs overstuffed and puffy. Often you don't loose seat space or head space with smaller scale. You loose the 10' arms that only take up space.

We can help. We will create some plans. We will talk them over with you and see what is best for your lifestyle and home. We want you to love it! Come see us at Tri City Furniture.

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