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Square Yard vs Square Feet

When you are buying flooring, different types of flooring is normally given in different measurement forms. This can become confusing. Let us help you understand square yard vs square feet.

Sometimes it is hard to understand the difference between square yards, which is the way carpet is sometimes priced, but it can also be figured in square foot pricing. Hard surface flooring brings more questions as well, because it is purchased in a box, vs on a roll. How do you figure all of this out?

Well, for a really long time, carpet and rolled vinyl flooring were priced in square yards. Because these products were 12 ft wide, I think they thought a yard was easy to understand. A square yard is 3 ft by 3 ft. 3x3= 12

As hard surface has gotten more popular, and most all of the hard surface is sold by single pieces within a box, they have priced it by the Square foot rather than yards. Most of the packaging is smaller so square feet makes more sense to the manufacture, but maybe not to you yet!

Now a days, most stores do everything in square feet, to make it less complicated switching from feet to yards. Also, it is easier for a client to compare actual costs between the two types of products: carpet vs hard surface flooring.

People would say to me, wood is $8.00 and carpet is $24.00….I thought wood would be more expensive. Yea, it is…..but one was quoted in feet and the other in yards. Doing everything in feet is much easier to understand!

So to get your square feet you measure the room width by length. For example your room is 10x 15. So that would be 150 Sq Feet. If you want to know yards, it is easy to convert by dividing your total square feet by 9. So, if you have 900 sq ft, that is the same as 100 yards. It works out the same, just depending on if you use the yards or feet.

So much is done by square feet….when you build a home, it is 1200 sq feet, or if you buy a piece of wood, like a 2 x 4, it is sold by the foot!

Being consistent is usually easier to understand!

Thank you for helping us understand the difference between square feet and square yards. And thank you for watching DesignTime!

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