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Tables- Dining or Parties

How do you use your kitchen table? In the last few years, while we have been home more may look different than what you originally planned on using your table. Is your table in the kitchen? Do you have a separate dining room? Do you have an open floor plan with no walls anywhere? Listen today, as Kathy Kilbourn from Design Time talks about what you may want to make your dining room into.

This is what we call counter height table….which is the same height as your counters in your kitchen! It is at 36” and does require a taller chair, or barstool! A lot of people like this height because you can stand up to it, and many times it is easier for people to sit on this taller chair, and then stand up compared to a standard chair height. These tables come in many sizes and shapes such as round, rectangle, and even drop leaf designs. You can also add leaves to make them larger, just like a standard type table.

Advantages to a taller table are:

  1. People consider taller tables more fun…that is why you often find them in restaurants.

  2. If you have a taller window in your dining area, it puts you a bit higher so you can see out easier!

  3. Many people have a hard time getting up. They will push down on a table to help them stand up..compared to this height, it is taller and easier to stand!

  4. Lots of fun styles are available. An example would be this table, with a whiskey barrel design.

You may not want a taller table if you happen to be real short, or children might have a harder time getting up on the chairs. They are not real high, but might be just a bit too much for some people! Another reason might be if you had extra chairs to add for company, you may not have the tall chairs, but a lot of times, people have extra stools up to a bar in their kitchen, so then it is easy to bring them to the table as needed!

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