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Tables for a Smaller Space

Lots of people are coming back to cooking and eating at home since the pandemic!  And, especially having get-togethers, which make the kitchen an even more popular space than it was before!  

Many people will opt for a smaller dining table, like 36” x 48”, which accommodates 2-4 people, but then may add a leaf, which extends the table to 60” and then will fit 6 guests, depending on the amount of space they have.

It seems like adding a leaf to a table takes a bit of work….especially if it is stored in the bedroom under the bed!  Is that a common complaint?

Yes, it is a larger piece, depending on the width, maybe 12”, but leaves can also come in 18” and 24” widths, so they can be big and heavy!  Then lifting it up and into the table, plus pushing the table together probably takes 2 people. 

Are there any other options to starting smaller and making it larger without getting that table leaf?

There are 2 variables…..

  • A.  There are many tables that offer a self storing leaf, so it folds in half and is stored right inside the table.  This is very convenient and easy to open up! We like to call them a butterfly leaf, because they flap open similar to a butterfly flaps its' wings.

  • The option of having a dropleaf table is great when you have a smaller area as well!  It offers 2 leaves, one on each side, and again is easy to raise and use.  

4.  A drop-leaf table seems like one of the best options as the leaf is right there!  Do these come in different sizes as well?

Yes, there are many smaller sizes that start at 24” wide by 36” and then can open with one side to 36 x 36”, for 3 people, or with both leaves up, 36” by 48” for 4 people.  This would be for a super small space.  But, dropleaf tables can also come larger….maybe 30”w x 42” long, and then open to 60” long by 42” w, so depending on what you need and how much space you have!

Those are some great options. Anything else to consider when looking for a smaller dining option such as the wood species or colors?

Well, you always want to consider the wood and the color stain that blend in with your kitchen.  Lots of these tables are also available in two tone which is a nice option to blend into your home, but also add a new freshness to the space.

Is there anything that is too small?

I have had people who think they want a really small table top, such as 28” or 30” round, but they forget that a chair, even a really small chair is generally 18” deep, so if you push two chairs in under the table top, you need 36” , so even with the top smaller, the chairs still take up space and will stick out! You always want to consider that total length!

Those are some important things to think about when looking for smaller scale table sets!  We will continue our conversation on smaller sized tables next week.  Thank you for watching DesignTime.

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