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I Want a Tall Back Sofa!

Sitting in the Livingroom is a favorite pastime today.  Watching the tv, entertaining or playing with the kids, all makes good use of the Livingroom space as well as the furniture that is there. 

Do people like to lay on their sofas daily?

Yes, I think many people enjoy watching a movie or taking a nap on their sofa, especially if it is comfortable! Atleast that is what clients tell me daily when shopping.

Reclining sofas are a popular piece but can a regular sofa give similar comfort?

Yes, it can be just as comfortable if you need good back support.  Lots of times an ottoman is used to put your feet up for similar comfort!

What about head support?

Today, that is one of the main differences in regular built furniture….as typically it is a lower back, mostly in the 36-38” heights as compared to 42-45” tall in reclining!

Why is there that difference in the heights?

There are a couple reasons…..taller sofas are more difficult to get into rooms….doorways many times are narrow and may have turns.  Reclining furniture is generally built in separate pieces so they can be taken apart to avoid the issues created by being a large, tall piece! Design elements may be more difficult to manufacture on tall pieces.  Many reclining sofas look like reclining, and that may not be the look that you want! Most lower back sofas are a sitting piece and not a reclining piece.  The lower backs do not push on your head or neck, especially if you don’t fit the piece correctly! My reason for not wanting a tall back is because I don’t want head oil or stains on the back cushion.  I say, sit up and if you need to rest, I have lots of beds! 

I know people don’t always agree, but everyone wants different options!

So, you are saying, if you want a taller sofa back, generally you would need to have a reclining style sofa?

Yes, those taller backs are pretty much made to recline again for relaxing but also for getting into tight spaces!

Would you say that quality options are different for sofas as compared to reclining pieces?

Yes, spring construction has many more choices when there isn’t a reclining mechanism in the base.  Also, fabric choices are greater as well!

Is there any other reason a person may want that lower back as compared to the taller? Depending on their room set up, a lower back sofa may look nicer than the tall back which creates a wall!  Typically, sofa backs are tailored well, and have a great look!

There are several good reasons why sofa backs are lower today, but there are many options that we have that can get you the comfort and look you want. 

Thank you Kathy for explaining the reason for it, and why we might need a lower back sofa!  Thank you for watching DesignTime!


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