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TV Stands

With the size of tv’s today, what is happening with entertainment centers?

As televisions continuing to get bigger, with larger and larger screens, the entertainment center are also getting larger to accommodate. There are still many options to order and for us to show.…40”, 50”, 60”, 70” and there are many in the 80’s!

So is there a common size tv or entertainment center today?

A lot of people are sticking with the 50”- 60" tvs today…so a cabinet that is in the 50-65” range is popular……it also is important to consider what equipment you have that needs to be stored, such as stereo pieces, sound bars or gaming equipment.

Is all that equipment still being used as much as it was?

I tend to think with the "smarter" tv’s today, many people do not have all of those pieces. Streaming services have removed DVDs for the most part. Many people tell me that they are very confused by them and they enjoy just normal tv still. I understand that thought process when I look at the 5 remotes next to the sofa.

What about tv’s hung on the wall or over a fireplace?

We are seeing a lot of tv’s being secured to a wall and mounted, and that offers stability …that is a big piece…we wouldn't want it to tip over on a child! Also, it gives some flexibility, because you can angle the tv different directions for better viewing.

Depending on what you are dealing with above or below the the TV- maybe a fireplace….many times a tv has to be hang quite high, so it can make it more difficult to watch. One way to combat that is to have reclining furniture within this room, so you can recline back and look up to the TV as in a theater. Also, running wires might not work unless there are electric outlets and cables there from when it was built. Mantles also get in the way of the screen, therefore hang your TV higher or pick small decor for the Mantle. If you use your fireplace, you need to consider the amount of heat this it gives off so that is wouldn’t damage the tv! Also, FYI, maybe don't allow beginners to load the fireplace with too much Christmas paper where flames burst out and cause TV edging to melt.

Any thing else that we might need to know?

I might add, that we are using accent chest or sofa table in place of an regular entertainment center. They usually have some extra storage, and come in many sizes. And if you do not have all of the equipment to store, this is a good option as you can fill it with other items such as photo albums, etc!


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