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Update Your Home

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

When thinking about redoing a room, it can seem so overwhelming on where to start, what needs to be considered, and just putting all of it, everything together. Maybe you do not have enough seats in your room, or the proper type of seats for the company coming to visit as you see in this photo below. Maybe you have too much stuff and you do not know what to get rid of or what to keep. Where do you start? Let us help you....

It is difficult for people. I guess we all missed 101 Home Decorating in school! The steps to doing the whole room are not as hard as you might think, but doing it in the correct order really helps to simplify the process!

There is a process to follow. This process makes getting the finished look you want much easier following the process!

Many people start with Paint! They know they want a new color, probably neutral….and when they start looking, it is OVERWHELMING! There are 60 million different shades of neutrals which makes it difficult to choose the perfect one!

Paint is actually the last thing that we do. At that point we know what tones we are working with and it is very easy to make the paint selection!

To start, we look at the room and what we want it to look like in the end! If we know the end result, we have a map on where we are going and that is key so that we actually go the right direction! If we don’t think about the end, we will probably get lost along the way…..and our room may not meet our needs in the end! Mistakes can be costly!

Very first, we need the room measurements, so we know what we are working with for size. How large or especially how small a room is. This is very important for the next step!

We look at those components that are permanent such as a fireplace, windows, and pathways…..along with pieces that might be staying in the room like a piano or grandfather clock! Once we know those things, we can put a plan together that meets your needs! When I talk about needs, it is finding pieces that are going to work with how the room is used. Do you need more seating, better seating for watching tv, better lighting? A lift chair? There are a lot of specific needs to have a room work for your lifestyle!

There usually is a BEST plan and then there can be a couple more options that can work. Usually larger rooms offer more choices as compared to smaller spaces. But because we are working with sofas, loveseat, chairs and sectionals….this isn’t rocket science! Options for rooms use a combination of those pieces!

We find the specific pieces that fit our plan, and more importantly, fit the people who will be sitting in them! We must consider the comfort, firmness and fit of those pieces! Once the specific pieces are selected, we can move on to looking at fabrics.

There are so many great options for fabrics…..especially from American manufacturers, I have close to 7000 options! That might seem like a lot, but because we have already selected specific furniture pieces, we go to that one manufacturer. Then we narrow in on the color palette…if we know we want blue, we have eliminated a bunch of fabrics, like brown, grays, reds and greens… we will just concentrate on the blue! There may be 30-50 fabrics at this point. Normally, a pillow or accent fabric will help you determine what shade of blue to pick.

Usually, the sofa /sectional will be in a solid type fabric (but if you want a pattern, stripe, or floral, you can have that!). I always think that if we can pick a pillow fabric, that has some kind of a print, it makes it easier to find the correlating fabrics! The pillow fabric puts us on a narrow road of exact color selection!

Now, that we have the layout, the fabrics or leather tones picked, then we can think about the rest of the room details. If you are doing flooring, that would be the next item to look at! This selection is much quicker, because you have narrowed down with your other selections.

It will be the easy section of the paint now! We have zoomed in on what we need and want from the thousands of tones to a couple very specific colors, which makes this choice very easy! Much different compared to picking the paint first!

Yes, it would be so much easier to do paint selection last! So, let’s review the steps……

  1. Put a plan together

  2. Find specific pieces that fit us for comfort

  3. Find the print fabric to work from

  4. Select other fabrics that go with the print

  5. Look at flooring options if needed

  6. Select paint color!

With these few steps, the overwhelming process of redecorating a room becomes an easy process! Come in and see us at Tri City Furniture and we will help you through the process. It is what we love to do! We carry everything you need: furniture, flooring, window treatments, bedroom, dining room and mattresses. Don't forget that we also do commercial furniture and flooring along with residential.

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