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What is a Faux Chaise

Updated: Apr 30

We have talked about chaise and ottomans before, but we have not focused on a faux chaise. What could a faux chaise be? What are the features and benefits of it? Learn more from Kathy at Tri City Furniture in Auburn on what a faux chaise really is and why you may just love having one in your room.

So, we have learned that a faux Chaise is moveable and removable.

Both of these features are important because they do actually mean something different.

A moveable chaise means that you are provided with the ottoman box to support the chaise cushion and that box can be interchanged with any seat.

You could have the chaise on the Right arm, or the Left arm or even a seat in the middle. Simply move that box to the correct seat, match it up and put the chaise cushion down.

This gives you a lot of options for how the room looks, feels and where you want to sit. It also helps even the wear of your chaise. You can flip the long chaise cushion over when you move it to another seat. Something to note- if the sofa style or the long chaise cushion is a T-shaped cushion, meaning the seat cushion comes in front of the arm and wraps around it slightly. That means your chaise will not work in a middle seat of a sofa or a section. Straight box cushions only work on middle seats.

Note how I have placed the seat cushion on the side near the fireplace. In a moveable faux chaise you might not have this option. You may only have the chaise long cushion and the ottoman box. You always have to keep the chaise as a part of your sofa or sectional.

If you have a removable faux chaise, then you are able to make the sofa a sofa as well as a sofa chaise or sectional chaise.

You can take the ottoman box away, and the chaise long cushion away and replace it with only the seat cushion. So now you have a simple sofa or sectional. Often this is done for parties, holidays and moment when you need more floor space.

So a benefit of a faux chaise vs a all the time chaise is that it can be changed, switched and removed. If Grandma came to live with you, maybe she could not handle the chaise. If you moved to a new home, maybe the chaise would work best on the other side of the sectional. Flipping and rotating a seat cushion is always prime care for any furniture piece.

You can also remove the chaise when needed vs having to purchase something new.

Down side to a faux chaise is that it may cost a little more. There are more pieces, more parts, more options, so we should not be surprised that the cost would be more than a sofa or a sofa with a chaise built into it that has no options

. This sectional with faux chaise is in stock now. Great space, and movement. The chaise can move to either arm seat, due to the wrap T-cushion arm box style. This sectional does come with separate seat cushion so the chaise can be taken away completely. .

Similar style to a faux chaise. This is what was referred to in the past as a pit group. All the pieces are induvial so you can build and create it how you want. The ottoman can be pulled up as a chaise or it can float in the middle. It can also be used as a bumper on the end instead of an arm. Great space for a pet or to see through within a great room. This style is also on the floor right now to try.

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