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Which Furniture is Best?

There are so many ways you can decorate a home today.  Selecting the correct pieces for a space can seem challenging!  Kathy, is there an easy way to get you on the right road to designing a room?

I always say first you need to determine what will fit in the space you are working with.  The pieces, like a sofa and loveseat, or a sectional, or a sofa and chairs will all take up different amounts of space, but can also offer different set ups for watching tv or just having conversation!  But even more important is how you use it and the comfort features that each offer!

Today, let’s look at just one piece… a chair.  Which would be better? A chair with an ottoman or a recliner?

Each of those pieces have pros and cons as to why you might select one over the other!  Let’s first look at the chair and ottoman as a choice!

What are some of the Pros for choosing the chair and ottoman?

  • Chairs offer more style and options like tacks, decorative legs and generally a lot more beautiful fabrics

  • Chairs always have matching ottoman to complete the look

  • Ottomans can have extra storage if you need it

  • An ottoman can double as a table top and be used with a tray

  • If you needed an extra seat, an ottoman can be pulled aside and sat on

  • Being the ottoman is a separate piece, it can move around the room to be used with other furniture pieces

What about the comfort of the chair?

The chairs usually come with different spring systems that offer more support and comfort.  Also, the cushions can be gotten in different firmnesses depending on the comfort you want.

Because it is a chair, the sit is more upright.  Some people do not want a lean back feel when they sit, so typically a regular chair and ottoman will give them that !

What are the cons of a chair and ottoman?

Keeping in mind that a chair is more upright, you cannot nap in it as easily and a recliner!

Also, the amount of space needed for the ottoman to sit all of the time may be an issue.  A recliner can open and close when needed!

What are the Pros of a recliner?

I would say that the adjustability of the recliner is its biggest benefit as long as it fits!  You are able to sit, maybe rock or glide, put your feet up as well as lay back and nap!

There is other options like power, which assisted people if they have a hard time raising their legs.  It might have massage and heat, and many offer USB charging ports!

What do you say are the cons for a recliner?

Definitely styling as well as fabric options.  Usually a recliner doesn’t have the ability to have the better support systems because of the reclining mechanism which is under the seat.

Also, the seat cushions most of the time are attached so it doesn’t have the versatility to flip the cushion for extra wear.

Depending on the mechanism, you may need extra space behind the chair so that it doesn’t hit the wall.

Sounds like both pieces have great choices and comfort, but how do you choose?

Generally it is depending on your room set up, the space and the comfort!  Men typically want to lean back so the recliner is that option.  Women like their feet up, but do not like to recline as much, so the chair and ottoman might be their choice!  For me, style would be important.  I can be happy with an ottoman….I always say, if you want to nap, I have beds!  So, the choice is not easy, but yet it is easy when you know the comfort and use!

Thank you Kathy for giving the pros and cons of recliners and chairs.  Now the choice is, which do you want!

Thank you, for watching DesignTime!

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