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Who Needs a Lift Chair?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Looking for a new recliner for a parent? Maybe it is a spouse, grandparent or yourself? We all have needed help getting out of a chair at some point in life. Maybe you are having a surgery or a new baby? Needing a lift chair is not only for the "old." There are many reasons why you may choose to purchase one instead of a regular reclining chair. Talk to the experts at Tri City Furniture and they will help you find exactly what you need! Watch Design Time Next week to learn more!

Here are a few quick facts to ask about and know when shopping

  • Lift Chairs are also recliners. Many people do not know that.

Lift chairs were made to assist people when they have difficult times standing up. We may think they are just for the elderly, but really they are an excellent reclining chair for anyone who has trouble getting out of their chair. An example could be leg, knee or hip surgery. Many people wish they had a lift recliner after actually needing one.

  • Lift chairs can have independent controls that adjust and control the feet alone, as well as the back alone. This gives you exact comfort to the issues that you need.

Maybe you just wish your recliner had these features. Many people have had back surgery or neck surgery and need the pivot of the recliner to be just so. Independent control can help get you comfortable so your body can relax.

  • Many have adjustable headrest as well to give your neck comfort as you sit or sleep.

There are so many options with power recliners these days. Many have slight adjustments that make a big difference on comfort. Some recliners have massage, heat and lumbar as well. There is a lot of difference in quality. The imported recliners have a much cheaper made motor comparted to the American manufactures. If you don't believe me come in a see for yourself the difference. There are reasons why things sell for a cheaper cost. Normally it is because they are cheaply made. A lift recliner is not a recliner you want the motor going out on. Image Grandma stuck in her chair. Will she know what to do? Will there be someone to help? Will she get hurt trying to crawl out? This recliner is a tool to those who use it. Just as important as a walker. It needs to be the proper quality.

  • Many have programable buttons to set for your liking. So if you have a favorite sit position with the neck just so and the legs so high, it is easy to get back to that position again.

Selecting a lift chair is just like picking a pair of shoes. It must fit the person who it is for. There are small, medium and large lift chairs. There are also small wide and extra tall and large recliners. You need to make sure that it sis low enough to the floor for your legs as well as deep enough/or shallow enough for the proper back support.

I talked to a lady the other day and she was in pain. You could tell just by watching her walk. She needed a taller chair to get out of, but would not even consider a lift chair. She was small framed, maybe 5 foot with short legs and longer torso. Sitting in recliners that fit her where too low to get out of. She did not have the leg or arm strength to push up and out of. She WOULD NOT EVEN CONSIDER a lift chair. It saddens me, because that is what she needed. There are options with a lift chair- they can rise vs tilt when standing up. Maybe that is all you need is the chair to be 2"taller to get up out from. This movement will be EASIER on YOUR BODY and/or the person's body who is trying to PULL YOU UP and OUT of the recliner. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and GET A LIFT CHAIR!

  • Higher leg lift position in Zero Gravity position allow for best circulation in legs. Allows for lower back pain causes to be released as well.

Again, a lift is not only for the elderly. You may need better circulation for your legs. You may have swelling or water weight issues. These recliners can help with that as well. Don't be afraid of the title. Get the help you need.

  • Lift direction can be adjusted on most styles so the chair can lean forward as it lifts or instead lift directly up (not leaning) creating a nonslip environment depending on leg strength, leg height or fabric/ leather chosen on lift chair. Some fabrics or leathers could be more slick than others, and changing the lift position to a lift seat vs tilt would help the individual stay in their seat vs slipping out as the chair raises.

I have heard that a doctor may "recommend" that you don't get a lift chair, "because it will weaken the muscles you have." My concern with this is that you may damage your arm by having someone pull you up and out. You may fall and do a whole lot more damage than a lift chair would ever do. You may also cause damage to your spouse who is trying to help you get up. Often it is the wife who has to help the husband. Often the wife is much smaller in size than the husband. This will not be good if the husband falls or causes harm to his wife.

The point of a lift chair is to give you independence again with a little assistance. We want you to have your freedom. We want you to feel good about yourself and your life. Please accept a little help. We all need help sometimes.

Here is a demonstration video of some questions most frequently asked when first looking for a lift recliner:

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