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Introducing the 800 Collection, a stunning addition to any modern living space. With its beauty of simplicity, this group features a minimal design with a rolled soft back, narrow front panel, tailored legs, and petite soft rolled arms. Each element of the 800 Collection effortlessly blends together to create a cohesive and elegant piece of furniture. This collection is perfect for those who appreciate a sleek and understated aesthetic in their home decor. If you wish to give it a bit more, add nailheads of your choice to the design.  Elevate your living room or lounge area with the timeless appeal of the 800 Collection.

800 Collection

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  • Lean back and relax! Our frames are built for long lasting durability. These frames are precision engineered and strong enough that we feel confident offering a Lifetime Warranty. Our cross grained laminated hardwoods are a renewable resource and are made as efficiently as possible by our suppliers. This process substantially reduces the number of trees needed to make our products while offering top of the line quality. The seat and back springs we use meet and exceed the industry standards. You will receive proper comfort seating now and for years to come. Many of our frames also come with a center leg for continuos use and support.

    We use an  8-way machinetied spring system for extremely durable and comfortable support.  This coil system, along with support bars give you a solid foundation that will not sink over the life of the furniture. The suspension systems is very sturdy meaning your furniture will feel the same day the road as it did day one. 

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