Recliners Big and Small

A recliner can be the most comfortable seat in the house. If you like to rock, glide, swivel, push your recliner up to the wall with a Wall Saver or need a little help when you are getting up with a Lift chair- we have the exact recliner for you. We even have recliners that don't look like recliners!

Take you relaxation to the next level, add an optional power motor allowing you to control your leg lift adjustment and create a stationary back that stays exactly where you set it. Great for nap time!

Take it a step further with a Tilt Headrest.- power or manual. If you have a stiff neck or wear bifocals you will love this feature. Create your most comfortable position and then bring your headrest to the ideal position so you have no neck strain. Whether you're reading, resting or watching TV, a Tilt Headrest adjusts to give you superior comfort and support - from head to toe.

Recliners really do come in all sizes. If you are a small petite person then you need a small petite recliner,not the big man's chair. You need this for health reasons. If you have a too deep of recliner you will not have proper back support. If the recliner is too tall from ankle to knee you will lack proper knee support and eliminate proper circulation. 

We carry Stress Free Recliners from Norway that have a great slender and tailored look with the most amazing back support! Reclining Love Seats with consoles for hidden storage and a place to keep your drink. Reclining Sofas and Reclining Theater Seating for your own big screen at home. Most styles come in fabric or leather, because we support American Made Companies give you better quality and support!.