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Stress Free Furniture from Norway

For over 70 years, Fjords has been the leading Norwegian furniture manufacturer. 
With modern Norwegian design, inspired by ancient traditions and Norwegian nature. They create trends for the future.

The functionality in their furniture is customized to suit your need for ergonomics and your body’s need for rest and movement.

  • Comes in leather or fabric

  • Available with ottoman or as recliner

  • Recliners can glide, swivel, be manual or with power

  • Ultra back lumbar support 

  • Power Lumbar

  • Power Headtilt

  • Lift Recliners as well

  • Stressless support that prevents tiredness in your legs and back.

  • Individual resting position that are easily achieved

  • Unique, built-in mechanism that automatically provides the best neck and back support. 

  • Adjustable neck support

  • Some of our chairs have height adjustable neck support with the built in Active Release System. 

  • All of our recliners are available in two sizes: Large and Small​

  • Some styles also come in a Petite Compact size

  • Cold cure moulded foam in back, seat, armrest and footstool. There are considerable differences between block foam and moulded cold cure foam when it comes to the durability of its physical appearance. Block foam tends to lose its suppleness after a few years of everyday use. This makes it softer as time passes. 

Improve your living! Come in and allow us to fit you for the proper stress free chair!

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