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How do you Know the Quality of flooring? (LVT)

Design Time on WMEN TV5

May 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Today on TV5 we talked about.....

As we are home with the pandemic, it seems like the perfect time to get some of those projects around the house done. We have the time, but do not have all of the pieces to do the project, and with many of our stores closed, we have limited choices on where to find products we need!

Tri City Furniture does have Flooring and we can (legally) have you in the store to show you options!

Today, we are going to focus in on just one type of hard surface flooring, referred to a LVT.....


What is LVT?


It refers to Luxury Vinyl tile. It is made out of a flexible type vinyl and comes in different size like wood planks, subway tiles and well as large square tiles.


Is this a new product?


No, this has been around for quite awhile, but has been used mostly in the commercial world, due to the longevity of the product! You have probably seen it in restaurants, retail stores, and hospitals. It has a softer feel under you feet, easier to install than a lot of other products, and can be repaired easily if a piece is damaged. Features.....waterproof, anti-bacterial, slip-resistant, and extremely durable.


How do we know what to look for in this product to have a quality floor?


LVT started out as a high quality flooring, but as it has entered into the residential world, manufacturers have figured out ways to make this product look like the good stuff, but drop the quality, and therefor, ales a lower cost! The main things to look for is.......

1. The wear layer thickness......commercial qualities were always 20 mil to 40 as it has entered the residential arena, we now have 6 mil, 8 mil, and 12 mil!

2. The top finish coat that protects the products from scratching and denting. The very best type and what you should only purchase is the ceramic bead infused top coat. It is the hardest wearlayer available and also helps with anti-slipping. It is the one finish that will protect your floor from scratching and denting.


Will the price vary a lot as the quality increases?


Actually, there is not a lot of price variable......the lowest price I have seen it for has been about a $1.29, for a 6 mil Wearlayer....and goes to $2.00 for a 20 mil wearlayer. Yes, on a 100 sq ft room, the product will cost about $70.00 more, but you go from a one year warranty to a 20 year warranty! And remember, if you paid someone to install it, that cost is the same. If it does not hold up, and needs to be replaced in 2-3 years, redoing the floor will cost a lot more than the $70.00 you would have paid today!

I am sure you will have more questions, but just contact us and we will walk you through the process and what flooring choice may be best for you. We are here and always ready to help!

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