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There are so many choices in flooring and how do you know which is right for your space, underfloor, door height, water issues, style of home, kids who may wear rollerblades in the house, pets, family events, mother-in-law and comfort?


You may have lots of questions. We have answers.

We will give you great options and quality. 


Did You have Wet Flooring Issues? 

Do you have an issue with wet spots in your flooring? Maybe your basement walls allow water in or maybe you are in a flood zone area? If so, these options are might be something that you will be interested in.

Tips for Flooring that is Affected by Water

Water and flooring do not go together.  If you have issues with wet floors or have fear that it may happen to you, then tune in to this segment of Design Time for all the options that are available to you for these areas of issue.

Tips When Buying New Flooring

Before you try the others, try Tri City Furniture.

Flooring is today's topic on TV5's segment of Design Time with Design expert Kathy Kilbourn.

Kathy has been in the flooring business all her life and she knows floors and what will work and what shouldn't be done.


Visit her at Tri City Furniture in Auburn. 

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