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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Hi, I'm Kathy

Well, when you grow up in a certain kind of business, it seems like you eat, sleep and talk about that business! Well, that is me! I grew up in the home furnishing business! Furniture was my family’s topic of conversation during our evening meals, and when we took a vacation, it usually was to a furniture market! We didn’t play putt-putt! We

Kathy Kilbourn, Designer at TriCity Furniture

looked at new furniture companies! So, I guess it is in my blood. My husband, Lee, and I do the same thing still today!

I have worked in the furniture business since high school. I went for my business degree and then returned to work full time at Tri City Furniture. Over the years, I have developed a passion to not just sell furniture, but assist clients to create a room of their dreams! Of course it has to be practical and work in their budget, but why not make it something so amazing they love to come home and spend time in their beautiful room!

Tri City Furniture specializes in American Made furniture. Not only does that mean great quality, but it also offers many options in comfort features. For example, sofas normally come with a standard seat cushion, but what if you need a firmer support? Learning about your special needs and wants are what we at Tri City Furniture do best!

So, come with me as I share information about the home furnishing industry and how to put a room together. Whether you are a freelance designer or someone who struggles picking a pillow, we will have some fun talking about design!


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