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What is Furniture Market?

Furniture market is for store owners to visit and see what is new for the upcoming season.  The manufacturers bring their new items to present them to the buyers for their individual stores. This is international, so there are manufactures from around the world who meet at one location for one week twice a year.

.Where is the market held?

There are several markets held around the world.  The main ones for furniture are in High Point, NC and a bit smaller one in Las Vegas.  Typically these markets are only open twice a year.  High Point has a Spring Market in April and also a fall market in October. 

Las Vegas runs their market in January and August.

You said that the market is for the buyers of furniture stores.  People have said they go to that area and buy at the Market. Is that correct?

No, they cannot get into market without the right credentials.  They are just going to a large store that is located in the area. It is really no different than going to a large store in their own town.  They want you to think they are market so you think you are getting a deal, but generally, you pay the same, if not more at these stores!

So, how do these manufacturers display their pieces?

It is like a huge mall, where different stores have a front door, and inside is their products.  The unique thing about market is that each store is just ONE MANUFACTURER. they are able to show some if not all of the products that they offer. So at a mall, the store might be 2000 sf, or maybe 10,000 sf….but at market the showroom are huge….100,000sf  and even larger.  So, if you are in a showroom that builds chairs, you are going to see hundreds of pieces… lots of different fabrics, colors and options.

Wow, that is a lot of furniture!  

Yes, market is throughout the whole city for High Point.  Up to 12 floors tall, and covers over 50 square blocks!  Many building have been built just as showrooms.  Other showrooms have been transformed in old building of the city, like a bank building or a hotel! There is over 9 million square feet of display through out the city!

How long does it take for you to see all the furniture?

First of all, it would take months to see it all.  Usually, you go to places you already  work with, to see the new items that are being presented.  Also, you might seek out a new source for a product you might want to sell.  This is a great place to compare manufacturer’s products for quality and costs!

It sounds like a lot of fun!

Well, I do enjoy market. It is exciting to see new products , new fabrics and designs.  We start at 7 am and are usually still working till 7 pm at night!  The first few hours are fun, but after that, it is a lot of work! It is easy to walk 7-8 miles a day, going from building to building, and then walking around the showrooms!  Usually we are there, trying to cover all the different manufacturers we want to see in 5-6 days!

Do all stores go to markets?

They should, but not all attend!  Market is hard work!  Lots of stores just work with reps who come to their store…but market should be mandatory!  Showrooms are redone for markets….changing walls, colors as well as displays that represent new and upcoming trends.  This business is about color and design, and to stay with what is happening, markets give you that vision best!

Thank you Kathy for giving a sneak peak into what Furniture Market is all about!

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