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The Truth About Imports

You love to shop, but do you know what you are looking for?

Shopping for a sofa can be easy and fun, as long as you know a few important features to look for! So in my next few posts, I will give you some inside information!

First, just knowing if a couch is made here in American or if it is an import will give you some great understanding as to the quality you are purchasing.

Imported furniture on a boat

If it is an import, it is probably available only as you see it, or possibly available in one other color. Imported products come in a container, disassembled, and generally take 2-3 months on the water! You have heard of a slow boat from China? Well, that is the reason a lot of products will take months to come in if they are not already in a warehouse.

Once they have arrived, the pieces are assembled. Frames are stapled together. Springs may be added but many do not have springs. The fabric has been cut and sewn in China, and is ready to pull over the frame and staple into place. Foam cores are put into the seat and back cushions, a dust cover is added and presto, you have a sofa!

Many shortcuts have to be used so that the price can stay low. Knowing what is inside this framing, or more important, what is not in there, will help you to understand how well your sofa will last…..make sure you know the inside story!

At TriCity Furniture, all the furniture, mattress, flooring, and window covering brands we carry are American made. As I’ll talk about in upcoming blog posts, we know what goes into each one of them. The “inside story” is just as important as the outsid

e appearance.


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