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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Did I Make a Good Investment?

The Investment Difference

We have talked about the inside of an upholstered piece and many of the differences in how a piece of furniture is made. Knowing what to ask about construction is the first step to getting a piece that will be a good investment and will give you many years of use.

If you get a couch on sale for $499 and you have problems with the frame or the fabric is getting may need to replace it within 2 years. That sofa cost you $250 a year, and probably a lot of hassle if you tried to get service on it. Many imported pieces are just a 1 year warranty.

If you purchased an American sofa, chose the color and fabric to match other items in your room, you might have paid $999, but now you have had it for 10 years, trouble free, and it cost you only $100 a year and no hassle!

There are many American companies like Broyhill, HickoryCraft, and Rowe which have custom sofas starting at $599 and you get to select your style and color. They are made for you and delivered in about 4 weeks!

The other benefit is that you now have better warranties as well.

Most American manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on the frame and springs. Many also cover the cushions for resiliency.

Also, recognize that many stores raise the price of a sofa, so that they can take 40,50, 60 or 70% off the retail price. The ad may say, ‘compare at’ pricing which means that the sofa may look like another sofa that is American made, has incredible construction and expensive fabric. The real inside story will be much different.

Remember that imports are made to copy the quality sofas but they find all different ways to make it cheaper.

Do not be fooled!If it is a $499 sofa, it was never a $1899 sofa.

Most Clearance Sections also try to fool you...most sections are filled with lower quality items that are cheaply made so they can be sold cheap. You will know this if each big box store has all the same items in it... true clearance is a one of a kind item that is at standard quality that is marked down for some reason.

We are here to serve you. Come in and ask and we will help find you what you are looking for!

The old saying, you get what you pay for applies to furniture!

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