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Which Bed was Right?

Have you ever wondered, which bed would have been the best fit for Goldilocks?

The general rule is, bigger is better. Most people want to first think about springs, foam or firmness, but first consider how much room you and your partner have. A better night’s sleep normally comes from not being disturbed. If you and your partner, 2 kids and 3 dogs have enough room, movement won’t stop those sleeping Zs! .

Which bed is right for you?

A full bed necessarily is not large enough for many adults. As we grow, we become more restless.

A queen bed is which is often picked, but unless you purchase a well made mattress which prevents partner moment you will still feel when they turn over or adjust for a better rest.

Think about your other bedroom furniture

Do you have enough space for a larger bed? Often we stop from purchasing a king-sized bed because we don’t want to cram our bedroom, which is correct. A room that is over-crowed, not offering enough room to move or open drawers will stress an individual. If you do have enough room though, consider a larger size which provides a more restful sleep.

A bed is a big decision, so don’t rush into picking a size if you don’t have to. A smaller bed that enhances the overall room works for some, while larger beds can enhance sleep for others.

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