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What to Expect at TriCity Furniture

What to expect when you walk through our door…

  1. Our design consultants will greet you with a smile and inform you of current sales, layout of the store, and services we offer. We know time is precious, so we want to

make the most of yours. You are always welcome to come in & look around for new ideas, color schemes & room layout ideas. Come curious, leave inspired. If we can assist you in your search, we are more than nappy to guide & educate you about the product.

  1. Our store is unique within the area, because we proudly support American companies and the quality that they bring to the table. Within our store most chairs can come as sofas or love seats, sofas can be sectionals & most often there is a matched reclining piece to the stationary sofa or sectional.

  2. The majority of our staff attends the International Furniture Market twice a year to educate themselves on the best product available. Just because you don’t see the piece on the floor, does not mean that we cannot get it for you. Choices are good. Confusion is not. We will help make the process as easy as possible.

  3. We will sketch out your room of interest or even go the next step and create room layouts using our computer software. Using the actual scale/sizes of new and current pieces give clients peace of mind that what they desire will fit within the space. Buying furniture is not that different than buying a new outfit. We know you might like something in a store, but we want you to love it when you try it on at home as well, therefore seeing the plan provides peace.

  4. We strive for excellence & will be upfront, honest and friendly with you on your search for new furniture, mattresses, carpet, flooring and/or blinds.

Come on in & we hope you feel welcome at Tri City Furniture!


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