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What Defines TriCity Furniture

I once heard said, “Industry is defined by the people who shop the store.” Do people make the product? Does the product bring the people? What defines us?

What makes Tri City Furniture different

Think on this for a moment and allow me to list what defines TriCity Furniture.

Others often give reviews of TCF, but seldom is a store allowed to review its clients. If industry is defined by the people who shop the store, then this is how you will find us in the standing.

  • Ms. Sandy and Ron who have lived here all their lives. We know their kids and their kid’s kids. Good hard working people who will invite you in for tea or tease you at church about the time you sent Christmas cards out, but forgot to put the cards in the envelope. So glad Ms.Sandy and Ron chose to shop local and walked through our doors so many years ago.

  • Then there is Debbie who will call us up just to let us know that her mother-in-law still loves Deb’s new Carpet that our guys installed. Deb continues to tell you that even though her mother-in- law pleads to move in, Deb is holding her ground – Not a chance! She doesn’t want to share her new great space. She will then ask us to come over for cheesecake so we can admire her new Amish table again. The one we helped her design. Back when we were working on the details of it, she told us every idea she ever saw on HGTV and Flee Market Flip in-between playing with her 4 year old granddaughter. Deb felt like a rock star as she designed the table and thanks us every time she sees us for allowing her to live her HGTV dream.

  • Mr. Pete just lost his mom, and was unsure what to do with her house. He came to the Store for carpet so it would rent or sell-“whatever will happen the quickest” he told us! Pete works 3 jobs and even pulled up the old carpet and pad himself during the wee hours of the morning before heading to his first job just to keep the cost super low. We were so excited to see him get a great renter in the home, just a week after the carpet was done.

  • Paul showed up last week for the 3rd time, looking for a new mattress for his aging mom. He cares about his mom so much, he did the scouting. When she came in with him we had the combinations all set up for her so she could make her choice in no time.

  • Monica came with her very first check in hand wanting a chest of drawers for her babies. She told us she never had hand-me-down pieces from her parents She continued to tell us how it is going to be different for her Kids. She never wants to buy junk. She wants quality pieces. I remember her smile when she saw that her check would cover a chest and nightstand for each of her Kids.

We all come from different walks of life, but I am very glad that we are all part of this great community. If what was said is true, that our industry is defined by our clients, then I must also think that our clients must define our industry.

So thank you Ms. Sandy & Ron for supporting local business and teaching your kids to support and to be involved in their community. Thank you Debbie for supporting American Made Products and for all the yummy cheesecake. You make us feel like the rock star every time you call. Paul you model how love takes action again and again and again! Pete, I am so glad that we could make your hard work go farther and that a sad time is now a little easier. Your dedication and commitment to life is an example to all of us. Monica, hats off to you for thinking about the next generation and purchasing items that will last-no matter how many times they are slammed or stuffed. Your love and provision will transcend time.

Tri City Furniture is proud to be defined by the community it serves.


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