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Better Sleep Quiz

Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Mattress

Mattress shopping can be awkward. Do you put your feet on the bed? Do you take your shoes off first? Does pushing on the mattresses give you the best feel of the mattress? How long do you lay there? What if you fall asleep?

We want you to find the right mattress.

Answer these questions and we will help guide you.

  1. Who is the mattress for?

  2. Who is in the bed with you? Don’t forget to think about pets.

  3. What kind of mattress do you have now?

  4. What kind of foundation do you currently have?

  5. How old is your current mattress set?

  6. What is your main (and your partner’s) Sleep Position?

  7. Any particular reason for a new mattress?

  8. What don’t you like about the mattress?

  9. Do you have any healthy issues?

  10. Any Specific benefits you would like in the new mattress?

  11. Do you need any accessories for your bedroom?

  12. What is the size of your room?

Think about these questions. We will talk about them when you come in and the answers will lead us to the perfect mattress for you! Don’t loose sleep over this big decision anymore! We are here to help!


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