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Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

Who are you sleeping with?

Have you ever seen a bed bug? Go search it now on Google! Yuck!

Remember your mom saying, “Sleep tight, Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite!”?

Well, it is true! They can and will if they get into your home, but protect yourself and your bed with a mattress encasement and cover.

Bedbugs live in the cracks of your home. They live off human blood and often leave itchy and painful bites behind. No one wants them, but often they come over through the walls or tag along in a suitcase. 70% of bed bugs live in mattress, headboard and infrastructure of the box spring. The best way to tell if you have a bedbug infestation is to see them. Unfortunately, once bedbugs take up residence in homes and businesses, they can be difficult to exterminate without professional help.


A well build mattress and box spring encasement should be your first defense against any unwanted guest in your bed. Being built means being intentional in what they do.

Serta Mattress and Serta Sheep made in the USA

A fully encased mattress protector is the easiest way to maintain your’s and your mattresses’ health. A lot of times a fitted sheet type protector will be suggested when a new mattresses is purchased.This method is better than nothing, but not ideal, because those critters just need to crawl a little further around and Home Sweet Home, they are under the pad and into your mattress. The best way to protect your home is with a fully encased mattress pad, meaning it goes around the whole mattress and has a zipper that seal your bed against bed bugs and dust mites. The tunnel zipper and end stop system ensures that mature bedbugs, nor their young can escape from or penetrate into the encasement. This minimal investment in a mattress encasement saves you money over the years. Next, after the encasement, get a water proof fitted sheet pad. Like I said before, these pad are good, because they are easy to put over your encasement and under your sheets.They are easy to remove when washing as well. The encasement you never need to remove, but simply keep it surrounding your bed and box spring to protect the mattress.

Sleep better knowing you are safe in your own bed without unwanted guests!


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