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Adjustable Beds- Part One

Updated: Apr 30

Mattresses are a popular topic today, as we all generally need more sleep! With all of these different choices today, another newer question comes when we talk about an adjustable base.

Is an adjustable base really worth it?

I would say if you are concerned about your health, then yes, an adjustable base is very much worth it! There are many benefits for your body when you can make your mattress adjustable for more perfect comfort!

We have been sleeping on flat mattresses forever……why this newer option?

Adjustable bases have been used in hospitals since the early 1900’s. They added them in for doing certain procedures, drainage from wounds, and taking meds. Also, because you may need to eat in bed, or read, or take a pill….Moving the head area up is very beneficial.

So let’s discuss a couple of the health benefits. What about back support?

Being able to move the head up a little and the feet up takes pressure off your lower back. It doesn’t have to be much but gives you great relief, much like the comfort you get in a recliner.

Are there benefits for breathing issues?

Moving the head area up can eliminate snoring and help with sleep apnea , as it opens up the breathing passage. At the same time, it can help if you have acid reflux or indigestion.

So if there is more comfort while sleeping, do we sleep longer?

It can help with insomnia. Many people do not get enough sleep today due to body aches or stress. Adjusting you bed may assist you in getting a perfect position which allows you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

What about people who eat late meals or snack before bed?

Yes, Sleeping flat can hinder your body's ability to process and digest food properly. If you eat late or like late night snacks, the upper part of your body raised slightly will allow you to digest your food better.

It is important to have a supportive mattress, but also having the ability to adjust it makes it easier for us to get to sleep and stay asleep!

Stay Tuned for More info on Adjustable Bases Next Week on DesignTime.

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