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Best Way to Sleep

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Do you have trouble sleeping? Here are some tips on ways that could get you a better night rest. Also some ideas of what could be preventing you sleeping throughout the night. Learn more coming soon on Design Time. This episode will air on TV5 9am Morning News January 6th. Let's start out the year with getting the best sleep of our lives!

For Better Health

Everyday, we work, exercise, eat, and have mental stress. Just watching the news these days could give you stress. These are functions that all wear on our bodies and if we do not get good sleep to rejuvenate our body, it can lead to many health issues. A body needs exercise and a healthy diet. Just as important as those two needs, we need good sleep.

During sleep our body is built back up and our brain is refreshed. You need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night for your best health.

Americans typically are only getting about 6 1/2 hours on average, and we are at an all time high of health issues like cancer. Many studies have linked the lack of sleep to be one of the causes for our deteriorating health. In the lab, scientists are able to give a rat cancer by depriving it from sleep! Sleep is so very important.

Sleep can boost your immune system, prevent cancer, aid in weight loss and reduce stress. Start living healthy- get better sleep!

How to Sleep Better

  • A dark room allows you to sleep better, along with a cooler temperature.

  • The correct support for your body is very essential to enjoying many hours of uninterrupted sleep.

    1. If you are having upper shoulder pain and numbness in your arm or fingers- you may be sleeping with the wrong pillow.

    2. If you have lower back pain- you may need more support in your mattress.

    3. If you have acid reflux or breathing issues- you may benefit from an adjustable base where your upper body can be raised.

    4. If you are having hip issues or legs pain- that adjustable base again may give you much better sleep or having a plusher mattress may lessen your pain.

Use our knowledge, we can help place you in the best mattress and foundation for you and your sleeping needs. There are many options. Just talking to us we can point you in the right direction so you are not stressing on which would be best for you.

  • The size of the sleeping surface is important. Always try to purchase the largest mattress size that will fit in your room. Did you know that if two people are sleeping on a full size mattress, each person has the same amount of space as they had in a crib! That is not enough space for an adult to lay on their back with support under their arms. You are then required to move to your side, which causes pressure points to your shoulder and hips. Pressure points are the main cause of tossing and turning.

  • Mattresses are made in a variety of support systems along with several types of foams to give extra firm support to soft and pillowy.

  • Try the mattress by laying on it for 10 minutes helps you understand if the feel will support your body comfortably. So, take some time and try the different styles to see which design offers the best feel.

Fancy Machines that read your "body's pressure points" sound good, but can also be skewed. We have talked to many induvial who tried them and were not happy with the results. Let's talk about the science and the inside design of the mattress. There are reasons why it is designed the way it is. There are features inside each mattress design backed by science, history of results and research that give you the benefits of the best sleep possible.

We trust Serta. They are Michigan Made. They stand behind their product. They better their product for the best price possible. We trust our wonderful rep Mike, who we see weekly and educates us on new features and products. You may have met Mike. He will come out to your home if you have a question. We also know Mr. Larry, the owner of the company. He has donated many mattress sets to local organizations at no cost to us. His heart is big, because he wants to help! .We also know the workers who built your mattress when you order it. American made components are what goes inside each mattress. No mattresses are not sitting in their warehouse for years collecting dust. They are made weekly for you! We also know Mr. Chuck who helps us unload the truck each week and asks us about our families as we carry the heavy boxes through the snow together. We trust Serta. They are are quality throughout their community and their product. Let us share our knowledge of the best sleep possible with you.

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