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Blinds for the Sunshine

The brighter sun of summer is a wonderful change from many months of dreary overcast skies. But with the sun, there can be problems. Today we are going to look at some window treatments that can help cut some of that bright sun within your space.

Sunlight is wonderful, but too much direct sun coming into your home or business’ windows can be a problem. Not only can it raise interior temperatures, but could also cause personal damage to yourself or your home. UV rays can do a number on our skin as well as our flooring, furniture and fabrics within a home as well. Rugs and art work also will show sun damage quickly within a home. A great option to protect you and your furniture/ décor is a solar screen.

You can have clear view of your beautiful yard outside your window. Solar window shades are a perfect solution to block sunlight and heat without blocking your view. Sunlight boosts peoples’ moods, alertness and productivity!

You can choose how much sunlight can still come through the window. That level of transparency is also directly related to the amount of UV rays blocked by the shade. For example, 10% “openness” (amount of light let through) translates to 90% of UV rays blocked, allowing you to find your perfect balance of natural light with protection for your space.

Window screens works similar to a roller shade, but the fabric is more porous to allow you to see through it. There are usually several operating systems…one with a cord, retractable cords, cordless, and power motorization. Depending on where your window is ( high or low), how large it is, and your ability to get to the window- helps you decide what system might work the best!

These fabric are made to withstand the bright sun, and offer UV and glare protection. Also the fabrics are Greenguard indoor quality certified.If a product has been UL GREENGUARD Certified, it has been tested and scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions. In other words, using UL GREENGUARD Certified products can help highlight your efforts to reduce VOCs in indoor environments and contribute to healthier and cleaner indoor air for families Another plus, is that these fabrics are made from recovered shoreline plastics which means you are helping the environment and thinking about the next generations to come.

One thing with window treatments you need to remember is if you can see through the product, depending on where the bright light is, that is the direction you can see. So if it is bright outside, you will see through the blind to the outside. But, if it is bright light is inside the home in the evening, you (or your neighbors) will see through the blind into the house! There are extra layers that can be added to prevent the neighbors from seeing in if desired. These layers can roll out under the screen as a prevention or security layer.

To give more security, sun screens can be made with an additional roller blind so that it can be used to block the vision into the house. The roller blind would not be transparent! The two blinds would work independent of each other

Screen roller shades are ideal for offices, living rooms, restaurants or any area where you would like to reduce glare while not blocking the view.

They are available in different degrees of openness and are available in different colors. Another added feature is that they can be installed outdoors if you have an area that could use some additional protection from the sun! Many great options!

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