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Vertical Blinds Benefits

We are in the warmer season now, and it is wonderful to have the sun out, but dealing with the brightness and the warmth brings problems! Today we want to look at a window treatment that helps cut down on all the bright sun and helps to keep out room cooler.

When windows are tall, one of the best window treatments would be a vertical blind. So many people have really tall windows in their homes. Even though this may seem normal, vertical blinds come in many lengths. They move side to side for opening which does not put a lot of stress on the operating system. Less Pressure is helpful, due to their long length. Often horizontal blinds have stress or delays in their pull and release due to over uses and length

With a vertical blind, you actually can keep these blinds in place, and turn the veins. This way you can see through them rather than completely open or close them. They often are rated more security as well, because you determine how much they are opened. You can tilt them slightly, or set them straight for more vision. Great flexibility!

There are several variable for the veins….vinyl, textures and fabrics. You can make them look more like a drape with the texture, yet, easily wipe them down with soap and water with cleanability. They also offer an S Curve vein which looks like drapes! Lots of colors and styles, and they do offer insulating factors which help to keep your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! Another option is within the vein, there can be fabric added between the veins so it is like having a built in shear. There is more security with this style, which keeps your rooms inside less visible! This is a very soft looking option, but easy to install and maintain on so many levels.

There are many widths to the vein. You could have the typical vein that is about 2" wide, or you could do a more modern looking style where the vein is about 22" wide and there are only 5 that cover the entirely of the doorway. They can be made to pull left or right, or split in the center. If you were putting these on a patio door, you would want to have them pull away from the opening, so that they are away from where you walk in and out, This blind is one of the best priced option when you have large windows to cover. They work easy, come in many colors and design, and last a long time!

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