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Buying a Mattress Online

Updated: Apr 30

Here is what you need to know if you are considering buying a mattress online. Maybe you are short on time and in desperate need of a new mattress, but before you click, please read to learn more about this important decision.

These days you can buy basically everything online. You can buy your groceries, shoes, personal care items and even a vehicle. You do not need to see it, or touch it. Just click and it is in motion to you. That seems good in concept, but could there be some hidden issues?

best mattress to buy

When it comes to furniture....

Larger items like furniture and mattresses are a bit more difficult because of shipping. Most lower quality furniture pieces that can be bought online come in pieces which need to be assembled, such as legs, arms, and backs being put on. If you purchase wood or case good many of those come flat packed, which means you do everything. It is just particle board and a back of screws. There would be no corner blocking for support, no glue, no nails…most of the furniture bought online will be an import….because American manufacturers build their pieces complete from the factory.

Mattresses, on the other hand need to come complete, because of what they are. There still can be many differences with the insides of an online purchased/delivered mattress vs one bought within a local store or a local store website. Springs, foams, edging can all be taken out to make the mattress lighter and more bendable. Try rolling Grandma's mattress up and putting it into a box! It can't be done!!!

Sleep is such an important part of our health! We want to get the best support system for our specific needs…and that can be difficult to figure out, especially without trying it first!

A brick and mortar store goes out and checks out multiply manufacturers to see which one offers the best products, best pricing, and best warranties! There are many, many choices out there. Just within one company there are at least 100 styles of mattresses. If the store is good, they have done the work for you and found the best product for the best prices to make your choice easier. We help the consumer to narrow in on a quality piece.

When you are purchasing something new if can be confusing! It might look like a great option, but there are a very high number of returns to online manufacturers….which tell me that people are not getting the correct bed for their needs! Think about how many things you have returned lately on Amazon. I am afraid to tell you my count. It is more than what I would like. I hate the bother of ordering, being disappointed when it didn't work and then the time it takes to return it. Why didn't I just go try it on in the first place??

You should really try your mattress. My mom would always say, "You should invest in shoes and your mattress. And you should always try both before you buy!" No words could be truer. They are both investments in your health!

If you look at different online mattresses, you will find that they are NOT low cost! Typically, you do not find these brands in retail stores, so it is hard to compare. If you look just by features (foam thickness, foam type, coil count, edging, gauged of wire), you will find many mattresses at the same price. These online companies are still making profits. I promise you, no one is in business to just be in business. Often online makes 3 to9 times more on their product than a product bought in a store….. They play the game for a while, but with the amount of returns, most if not all of these companies are operating at a loss. That can only go on so long, before they go bankrupt! Remember happened. It has happened to many companies. Sometimes they change their name and come back with the same product. They are open just gone though and if you need help with the product you bough, it is too late.

companies with chance of bankruptcy

There are a few other things to think about, such as "Returns" ...if you are able to return the mattress, so were the others who ordered before you. Did you get a "Used" Mattress? What do they do with the returned mattresses? How do you get it back into the box? How do you get it back to the store?

If you have more questions, please come in and see us at Tri City Furniture. We are not here to talk down about anything or anyone. We just hear the issues daily from our clients and we want you to know what others are going through when they thought it was a good choice. They thought they found a loophole, but it actually cost them more time and effort. We don't want that for you. We want you to have the best sleep of your life day one!

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