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Does a Pillow Really Let You Sleep Better?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Let's talk about SLEEP! It's one of our favorite topics! We will focus on the magic of a pillow. There are many different types. Let's learn what may give us better sleep.

You may ask, "Which one is best for me?"

That is not an easy answer as there are so many variables in the way that we sleep as well as consideration of our body! First, there are back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleeper, and also people who do a couple of those sleeping methods throughout the night. Each of these positions require a different type and size of pillow! Also, our body shape influences the size of the pillow! I would bet that most people who toss and turn through the night are not comfortable. That may be due to the mattress. Sometimes we have to fix the big things first, before you can correct the smaller. I can narrow a lot in on simply talking to you and having you describe what is happening or where you are hurting. Sorta like a doctor does at an office visit. If you need more help, come in and we will try to determine what is happening in the big picture. If you love your mattress and sleep ok, let's go forward and look at pillows.

Ok, so let’s just look at what works best for a back sleeper?

Back sleepers need a thinner pillow, to help keep their spine straight and aligned. If a pillow is too thick, it causes your head to raise up and pushes your chin into your chest! Sometimes men have thicker shoulder muscles which create more of a curve in their neck so a bit thicker pillow would be required. They call the height of a pillow the loft, You may need a low loft or a mid loft determined by your spine alignment.

How about a side sleeper?

Side sleepers need a thicker pillow. The pillow needs to fill in the space between their head and the bed, since their should width is holding them farther away from the bed. If your pillow isn’t thicker, your head will bend. A sore neck will occur quickly because your spine is not straight. We offer shoulder cut out pillows that allow a open space for your shoulder to lay in. This allows your shoulder to be on the mattress vs crushing down the pillow. A higher loft is recommended for side sleepers and having the shoulder cut out will keep the loft correct and not crushed.

What about a stomach sleeper?

This position requires a very thin pillow or none at all. You do not want to push your head up when laying on your stomach. It can really cause neck issue! I will tell you that a back sleeper or side sleeper is better for your body. On your stomach, not only are there issues for your neck, but it puts a lot of pressure on all of your internal organs and makes it much harder to breathe. Many times people have become a stomach sleeper because they are on a sagging mattress and if you lay on your stomach, your back doesn’t allow your body to follow that sag, making it a bit more comfortable! Other times, people choose to sleep on their belly when the bed is too firm. We think that maybe some of our own cushion will soften the bed and not be so sensitive on our pressure points.

Here are more differences and options with pillow choices: what are some of the differences in them?

  1. The blue ones have cooling properties, because so many people sleep warm. Carbon in them keeps your extremely cooler!

  2. The black one deals with odors

  3. Then there are thicker ones, and thinner ones for different sleeping habits.

  4. This shoulder cut out is extremely nice for a side sleeper as it doesn’t put pressure on your shoulder.

  5. There are others that are made of different Products such as Latex.

  6. And others might be pieces of different foams to give yet another feel!

  7. Some also are infused with essential oils or CBD to help in resting.

I do recommend a foam type pillow as compared to a Dacron till. Dacron will not hold up over time! I have seen them flatten out in a couple of months! So beware! They are cheap for a reason.

A pillow can make a ton of difference in how well you sleep Pillows do add comfort to your mattress, so make sure you have the correct support and size for the way you sleep!

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