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Friends, Family and Furniture

You may think that is an odd title, but so often we hear it...."Well, I want my kids, or my neighbor or my family who lives 6 states away to fit the furniture that I want to buy." It is very kind and considerate to want your furniture to fit your friends and family, but you have to determine who will be using what pieces the most and what functions that induvial needs in the furniture. Tri City Furniture is a Family Owned Furniture Store. It has been for 65 years and we treat our clients like family!

Kathy Kilbourn at Tri City Furniture

We are all not built the same and one size does not fit all. Some of us may have long legs, others may have even longer legs. I met a person the other day who was the same height as I was, but their torso was at least 10" longer than mine. Where our belt buckle met was very different.

These differences in height, leg length, body width and weight may make it a little more difficult to furnish one room that multiply sized people use, but it is not impossible. You just have to think about who uses what furniture.

furniture that fits big and small people

We all know that family where "Dad" gets HIS recliner. We know that is where Dad is going to be when he is relaxing and we know not to sit in HIS spot. Well, take that concept and move forward. If Dad gets a recliner in the space, then that recliner should fit him.

Kathy Kilbourn with her Uncle, Ron's Brother

If Mom wants a recliner in that same space, make sure that recliner fits her. Maybe she wants a sofa that reclines. Maybe she was a swivel glider that reclines....just make sure it fits her and that the functions of the chair are good for her. Can she get up and down from it? Do her feet touch the floor for support? Does she have back support? Many companies make HIS and HER style recliners, where the same style comes in a small, medium or large style of furniture. I even have sofas that come with these choices of small or large. There is a tall back sofa and a short back sofa. There are shallow seat depth sofa and a deep seat depth sofa or chair. We want the person who uses the furniture the most to fit it. Often I have older people come in and pick furniture determined on what their kids will want further down the road. DO NOT THINK LIKE THAT! I promise that your kids want you comfortable NOW! They want you in something that fits you. They want every moment of your life to be comfortable and enjoyable. DO NOT BUY THINKING THIS WAY! It is kind, but we want the best for you right now and every day we have with you!

American made furniture gives you choices, not only on the fabric or the leg style, but also on seat depth, back height, seat firmness, base height, leg many options that makes the furniture comfortable for the person using it.

Knowing who is using the room is SO VERY IMPORTANT! If Grandma is in the room and she has stability issues, we do not want to make the only chair in the space a chair that moves! Or force her to sit on a loveseat where she only has one arm to help her push off of. We want Grandma safe. We want Grandma to be comfortable when she is with us, so provide a piece of furniture that will work for her. If Grandma is only with you once a month, then maybe you always help her get up and down. You know this and you are always there with her. But if she lives with you or is over daily, it is best to plan for what would be best and comfortable for her.

Guide to furniture size and scale. One size does not fit all.

Now, let me say, if you have 15 people in your family, you probably cannot provide 15 different seats- a perfect seat for everyone, but there is a range that is very comfortable for MOST people. Using a sofa that fits that range for those guests who come and go in our life is a smart plan when purchasing new furniture. It is similar to purchasing a mattress for a guest room. You don't choose the firmest or the softest. You pick in the middle. Something that is supportive, but plush.

Purchase furniture for those in the house, who plan on staying in the house first. Don't make big purchase choices on the collage graduate who is moving out in a year. Find what you need and what fits you, and then move on to the other complementary seats that guests may use.

Erin and Ben Napier with Kathy Kilbourn at Tri City Furniture

Benefits of Picking the Right Size

Remember, you don't buy shirts two sizes too large, and you certainly wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes three sizes too small. So why settle on a recliner that isn't your size? There is furniture that will fit you. American Made Companies what wide selection of recliners, chairs and sofas/sectionals ranging in various styles and sizes. Why? Because every individual is unique. We feel that comfort should be tailored to each person’s body type. When the journey of shopping for a new piece of furniture begins, it’s important to consider the primary user of the recliner. Determining the size, weight, shape and comfort preferences of the primary user will help narrow down your options. Choosing the wrong size furniture can result in uncomfortable experiences and potentially unnecessary repairs down the road from wear.

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